Amp and CD for Proac Response SC1


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Oct 5, 2016
I have recently inherited some Proac Response SC1 speakers.  I also inherited a Michell pre amp and power amp (all quite old now) but find the sound far too bright for my tastes.  I am currently pairing the speakers with a NAD CD and amp which sounds fine but...  I am wanting to buy a new CD player and Amp that will do the speakers justice.  

I have read a lot about the pairing of Sugden and Proac and wonder if the A21 Signature CD and Amp would be a good match or if I would notice the difference between these and the Sudgen Fusion 21 CD and A21SE Amp.  Reading reviews I was also thinking about the Roksan Caspian M2 amp and CD player.  Many reviews seem to suggest these are good and sound smooth.

I know people will say go and audition and always have in the past (or tried equipment at home) - I now live in France and every dealer I phone within a few hours drive does not have the equipment I want to listen to.  I am thinking of ordering on the internet with a view to returning if I don't like it (as you are able to do), but I want to make an informed decision so I don't have to return too much.

We mainly listen to classical music (a wide range from small scale to large forces) - in the past I have returned amps and CDs that sound too clinical and harsh (they have almost attacked you when listening) and therefore assume we like a smoother sound, but we do want detail. I loved my Arcam CD with Marantz K1 Signature Amp and Proac Tablets but want something better than this now.

Any views would be welcomed.

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