Anyone owned a Naim Uniti Server with SSD


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Feb 6, 2010
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Just a quick enquiry if anyone on here has either owned or used one of these units . I have bought a second hand one fully working (except for the cd rom drive but that is not an issue) . It has an SSD fitted but as the unit has not arrived yet not too sure if it is he 1 TB or the 2 TB one .

I am hoping that the unit will work from a USB SSD HD plugged directly in to it and then using it as a streamer my various players will be able to see it and play from there accordingly .

The CD ROM is a SATA slot loader and I should be able to source a replacement and fit it it fairly easy so long as I can get the case open which not always as easy as you think but any advice here is also appreciated. If the SSD is 1 TB then at some later stage I may well replace that with a 2 TB one as that would hold my current library . This one could be a little more of an issue as not sure if it will accept a fully loaded SSD which I can do before I install or if you need to do the install and then transfer files across .

So as always please offer any advice , derision , jokes or even thoughts .

This just came to me before anyone else suggests it I have today joined the Naim Community Forum awaiting being approved by the Mods . Will ask the same question there but may get the stock answer visit your dealer .

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