Audeze Release 2 New Headphones, the LCD-X and LCD-XC!

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Sep 24, 2012
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Hi All,

Being that Audeze are one of my favourite headphone brands as well as one of my most popular with their excellent LCD-2’s and LCD-3’s it is really exciting news that they are just about to extend their range of high end headphones with 2 more models, the LCD-X and LCD-X.

The LCD-XC being quite an interesting addition as it is the brands first closed back design, making it the first Planar Magnetic Headphone that is closed back, that I am aware of anyway.

Both the LCD-X and LCD-XC feature new driver designs called Fazor Technology which uses a thinner and lighter membrane which should produce a faster and more insightful presentation, they will certainly be fascinating to listen to once released.

They both look extremely stylish I have to say, with the LCD-X finished in anodized aluminium in gun-metal gray in black lambskin and the LCD-XC finished in black lambskin, gun metal gray aluminium enclosure with a choice of 4 wood cups, Iroki, Walnut, Purple Hear, Bubinga, please see pic below.

Prices and availability are yet to be confirmed but it does look like both new models will be released over the next few weeks and with pricing nearer to the LCD-3’s than the LCD-2. I will try and find out some more information today and update when I have some firm details, personally I can’t wait to get these in to listen to, hopefully we will have them here for our headphone open day on November 16th, I will be announcing more details on this shortly as we are going to have some great offers on the day.

I have now put the new Audeze’s on our website if you’d like to look at the spec in more depth -

Audeze Headphones and Cables

Here are a few pictures -

Audeze LCD-X

Audeze LCD-XC




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