SOLD Avondale Quad 44, Avondale Quad 44, boxed Quad FM4 as heard in room 244 at the Wam Show - for sale as a bundle



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Jun 22, 2013
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Here goes: I'm formalising my decision to sell "Uncle Peter's system" as shared in room 244 at the Wam Show. Suffice is to say that a fair few people were surprised by just how good this system sounded - far from what most expect from "vintage".

£1,000 for this rather special system - by Paypal F&F, bank transfer or cash on collection. Strictly collection only from NE Leicestershire (a couple of miles from Scalford if that means anything to you - it will to many!).

IMG_9585.jpeg IMG_9593.jpeg IMG_9592.jpeg

Both the 44 and 405-2 have been breathed on by Avondale with some pretty radical mods which transform their performance. At least 3 or 4 folk said they knew the Quad sound well but the Avondale-modded version sounded cleaner, airier, more powerful.

Avondale Quad 44 Preamplifier with Phono Stage

Later grey button model which was more than a cosmetic touch. Circuitry was much improved over the earlier yellow buttoned version; sold prices for stock 44’s on eByGum hover around £200 for the earlier model and £500 for the later.

The extensive mods (basically re-engineering) are described fully on the attached sheet; visually the only difference is the external low noise PSU.

Serviced by Avondale in July this year.

In excellent, time warp cosmetic condition with original owner’s manual.

Avondale Quad 405-2 Power Amplifier

See info sheet for lists of Avondale upgrades. Radical stuff which releases the potential of this cracker of an amp.

Stock units trend at £275-300 sold price on eByGum.

One surface scratch around ½ inch long to one side, otherwise minty. Will try to get some more photos up soon. With original user manual.

Quad FM4 Tuner
Stock Quad FM4 in excellent condition with original box and user manual.

Uncle Peter had the battery on tuner circuit board replaced at least twice, in 2014 and once after this (I’ll try to confirm date); I’ve checked and there are absolutely no signs of historic leakage, always something to watch for on the FM4.

As well as the full set of user manuals, I have original receipts for both the Quad kit and for the Avondale mods.

FAQ's: Will you split the system? Will you take offers?
Thanks for asking!

Splitting: I’d much rather sell all the Quad kit (the whole system for that matter) as a whole. I’ve been offered the Show asking price of £550 for the 44 pre-amplifier so if I split then this already has a Wammer’s name on it; if someone else wants just the 405-2 at £450 then I might reluctantly split across two buyers. I know the FM4 is a bit of a completist thing so would sell this separately at £100 ono either before or after the amplifiers.

Offers: if you are tempted to make a close offer on the system or a component, can I respectfully ask you to hold off for a couple of weeks? I think these prices are already more than fair so don’t want to have to politely decline… if these are still here in a couple of weeks’ time, I’ll consider close offers. Thanks for your understanding.

My inbox awaits.
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