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Sep 24, 2012
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Hi Everyone, After a long hot week, we can all probably do with some cool; music to wind down to and enjoy! I was recently introduced to Dexter Wansels debut album, Life on Mars and immediately knew I was in for a treat after hearing the title track. A heavy mix of cosmic funk, disco-infused soul, and jazz fusion is how I would describe it, quite an amalgamation, for sure! I know what you are thinking; who? The only Dexter I was familiar with prior was from the cartoon series Dexter's laboratory! I have grown to love this album and wanted to share something different. If you have the time and are unfamiliar, give it a go, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts!

Before releasing Life on Mars, Dexter Wansel had already established a successful career in writing and producing for other artists such as The Jacksons, Teddy Pendergrass and the Stylistics, to name but a few. Wansel's music has also been sampled over the years by countless hip-hop artists, with Theme From The Planets being recognised- as one of the first foundation beats of hip-hop. Dexter Wansels contribution to music has not only left a legacy behind but also influenced modern music today and continues to inspire a younger generation.

The apt title Life On Mars sets the theme for the album, which takes you on a sonic voyage. From groove-based instrumentals to softly sung ballads rich in harmony, it covers a lot of ground whilst remaining cohesive and free-flowing. The overall production sounds smooth and sophisticated, with the warmth of tape gently glueing everything together. If interested, I recommend listening to the drum intro from Theme From The Planets, one of the best-sounding kits I have heard.

One Million Miles from the Ground has to be the highlight track for me, and I highly recommend giving it a spin. It starts as a soft ballad with a beautiful chorus supported by angelic backing singers slowly building into a laid-back silky groove, gently carrying you away. That's all this week, Look forward to hearing your thoughts! Billy 🤟

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