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Apr 29, 2010
Ramsey,Isle Of Man

Proud and happy to announce that The Musical Experience is the authorised distributer of BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment, LLC for the UK ( former Black Diamond Racing ) . Currently working on demo-stock which I would like to ask for the help as I like to find out what would be the most south after from listed products.Also would like to ask any interested parties to contact me for details which applies to dealers as well as private individuals.Price list will be ready soon and will be published in this thread once is ready.Here is something about the company but I do not think that they need any special introduction.

BDR Sound Enhancement Equipment, LLC is an award winning and world renowned brand of vibration control products. BDR’s proprietary technology combines military spec, aerospace grade carbon fiber with state of the art compounds, creating products highly resistant to vibration and resonance. Offering exceptional isolation and extracting the maximum performance potential of any component, BDR products are built to the tightest manufacturing tolerances possible; every BDR product is hand inspected before leaving the factory to ensure it meets BDR’s exacting specifications. BDR products are a unique approach to vibration control with a truly flexible upgrade path: all BDR components can be used individually or combined with other BDR products for even greater performance.

If you think you heard it all let me assure you you are wrong as BDR does really work and there is lots of vary happy users All around the world.Not only that but companies like Marten and Audio Aero used BDR as the standard for theres products.I will be passing around few sets of Cones MK3/MK4 and possibly one or two Shelfs with some other parts which I would like to ask for help to pick.

Here is BDR product range and some pictures.

Pyramid Cones: MK3 and MK4

BDR Pyramid Cones are perhaps the most flexible component in the BDR lineup and are the basic building blocks of the BDR system. They are in most cases, the initial interface in a vibration control system, and should be the first pieces utilized in developing your setup. Remarkably effective on their own, Pyramid Cones greatly enhance the performance of all other BDR products.

We have found that different types of components frequently require different characteristics of the same basic structure for optimal performance; hence the MK3 and Mk4 versions. Pyramid Cones are available in two different versions: MK3 and MK4. The MK3 has a slightly warmer tonal balance, with a little extra emphasis on the bottom end. MK4 is slightly more detailed with greater top octave extension. A general guideline is to start with the MK3 cone under solid state or digital equipment, and the MK4 Cones under tube equipment. In addition, the cones may be mixed and matched to taste: System slightly too warm? Add a single Mk4 cone for a little extra air and detail. Just a touch too detailed? Add a single MK3 for a touch of warmth. If mixing cones, a MK3 is usually preferred under the power supply. It is advisable to try both types of structures, particularly the Pyramid Cones, to see what works best in your system.

Pyramid Cones will work best when their flat side is against the component's chassis and the rounded tip is pointed down into the shelf. The cones may be inverted if desired. The proper placement will significantly affect the performance of the cones so the rule of thumb is the tip of the cone towards the resonant surface. For example, under a CD transport sitting on an MDF shelf, the tips of the cones should be pointing down.

The Puck and The Pit: MK3/MK4

BDR Pucks & BDR Pits are available in Mk3 and Mk4. They are designed to serve a variety of functions in one product providing unprecedented versatility to the audiophile. The Puck and the Pit are approximately 2.75" diameter, and of the same construction as The Shelf.

The Puck has 1/4"-20 tapped on both sides. The Puck can be used as a cone cup using the countersunk hole, placed against a speaker or component with included studs or screwed together with the Cones.

The Pit has 1/4"-20 tapped on one side and dimpled on the other for use as a cone cup.

Mini pits are also available in Mk3 or Mk4. Similar to the pits, but are only 1.75" diameter.

BDR’s Jumbo is designed for use with the biggest, heaviest components, has a special combination of height and width giving it exceptional stability and outstanding vibration control capabilities. Thicker than a Source Board, but only 3.5" wide, Jumbos are a flexible & cost effective alternative to a large Source Board, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of applications. Jumbos work exceptionally well under Reference level components, heavier speakers, large subwoofers, racks and we even recommend Jumbos be used as amp stands for large amplifiers. Add a set of BDR Pyramid Cones for even greater isolation. Jumbos provide world class vibration control at a very reasonable price.There is virtually no application a Jumbo cannot be used for. With virtually no upper weight restriction and a seemingly limitless ability to remove haze and grunge from anything it supports, Jumbos reveal the absolute blackest backgrounds, deepest sound staging and rock-solid images. Available in two configurations, Pit or Puck: Pits are the more flexible design, 1/4"-20 tapped on one side and dimpled on the other for use as a cone cup; Pucks are 1/4"-20 tapped on both sides. The building blocks of BDR’s vibration control system, Jumbos are based on the same technology used to create BDR's flagship product, the Shelf. Jumbos are extremely effective when used on their own and when used in conjunction with Cones or a Shelf offer even greater performance.


Extract maximum performance from your audio system! The LM Series of vibration control products is not merely a modification of BDR's pioneering carbon fiber composite technology; its a complete re-engineering of materials and profile that result in unsurpassed resistance to resonance. The LM series dissipates vibration extremely efficiently and consists of LM Pillows, LM Discs and both the Inverse Curve and Curve Shelves. The LM Series Shelves simply let you hear exactly what your component sounds like, without the negative effects of micro vibrations. Increases in resolution and detail can only be described as dramatic, transforming high-performance audio systems into another dimension.

A complete treatment of your components with LM Products could be the most cost-effective upgrade you will ever make to your gear.

LM Series

Rectangular Shelves are square sided and feature gently rounded endes. They fit neatly under components and can be used as direct replacement for existing shelves in a rack.

As the LM Series Shelves are frequently placed directly on an existing structure, while Pillows and Cones may be used for additional isolation if desired. A 21” x 15.75”LM Series Shelf, supported only at the corners, was weight tested to over 200 lbs, with approximately .050” deflection. There was no damage to the product.

Both the LM Series Pillows and Shelves have been optimized for use with the The Pyramid Cones. We have found the products to be effective under every type of component tested, including all electronics, transports, DACs, speakers, line conditioners, power supplies and turntables. With sizes to accommodate virtually any weight or size, We are confident BDR Sound Enhancement, LLC products can accommodate your requirements.

LM Disc: The Disc is an excellent entry level piece for the LM Series of products. The Discs are round and have a dimple on one side only, designed to match the tip of the Pryamid Cones. They are the most basic element in the LM Series of products and may be the optimal part for smaller or lighter components.

A 1.5” diameter dimpled LM Disc is offered as an affordable entry product, and is excellent for basic applications.

Discs & Pillows:

The LM Pillows have a curved shape and are both dimpled and threaded, for use as a Cone cup, or they may be screwed together with the Cones for use against a component chassis or speaker cabinet. Threaded studs are included. Please note the LM Pillows incorporate both a deep and shallow dimple for additional tuning flexibility. For optimum performance, these parts are only offered threaded, and there are no Mk3 or Mk4 versions.

Both the threads and the dimples of the LM Pillows have been tested to 400 pounds per part with no degradation. While the pieces have no known weight limit, we have found that the smaller and lighter the component, the smaller the Pillow is preferred. We have also found that mechanical devices, such as transports, turntables and speakers, prefer larger Pillows. Accordingly, we are offering four sizes to optimize performance.

LM Pillow Sizes Offered: *5/8" studs included





LM Discs improve bass weight and control, extends and smooths treble response, and greatly enhances mid-range clarity and presence. LM Discs are dimpled on one side and are designed to match the tip of the Pyramid Cones. We recommend using them under the Pyramid Cones for an incredible upgrade. Just slip a set under the stock feet of any piece of gear to hear an instant difference. The LM Discs can be used under speaker spikes or under any equipment rack, as each LM Disc can handle over 180kg.

The Disc is an excellent product in many applications,

especially smaller or lighter components. You

will be surprised at the power packed

in a small package. These devices will bring your listening experience to another level, improving resolution, dimensionality, and extension across the audio range.

LM Series Shelves - Inverse Curve:

The LM Series Shelves will bring your listening experience to another level, improving resolution, dimensionality and extension across the audio range. The LM Series Shelves incorporates shaped profiles, to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. While rectangular pieces are available on a custom basis, the best performance will be achieved using the curved pieces we have developed.

The Inverse Curve was originally developed to fit in a constrained space, such as the Zoethecus rack shown above.

The performance of the Inverse has proved to be superior to a rectangular shaped piece of the same dimensions.

The inverse curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs, Pillows or other material underneath and building up with BDR products as desires. We have sizes available for many common component and speaker sizes. Minimum dimensions are shown below.

Custom designs may be available. Please contact us with your requirements.


8" x 8"

12" x 12"

15" x 12"

15" x 15"

18" x 14"

19" x 15"

21" x 15.75"


In contrast to the Inverse Curve, the Curve takes a defined space and essentially bends it outward. This allows the maximum material for use.The Curve can be used as described in the Inverse Curve section. The curve is generally placed directly on the existing shelf material, perhaps with Discs or Pillows. BDR products can be built up as desired.


5" x 4"

5" x 5"

8" x 8"

8.125" x 5"

12" x 5"

12" x 10"

15" x 12"

18" x 14"

19" x 15"

The LM Curved Series Shelves incorporates a shaped profile to maximize performance as well as aesthetics. The result is improved performance across the audio spectrum.

The Shelf:

The Shelf Series boards are all 3/4" thick and are effective under any number of types of components, speakers, power supplies, line conditioners, video and other electronic equipment. Custom shelves may be ordered, however we manufacture a variety of sizes to fit your application.







The Source:

The Source platform is the ultimate platform for source components such as transports or turntables and is also highly recommended for heavier components, working best with those over 20 lbs.

Made with BDR’s proprietary carbon fiber composite technology materials and clear coated on both sides for an elegant and understated appearance, the BDR Source is double the mass of the Stereophile Recommended BDR Shelf and is 1¼” thick, providing even greater isolation than the world renowned BDR Shelf. This higher mass and greater rigidity gives the BDR Source the ability to remove an additional layer of haze and distortion, revealing stunning improvements in pacing, detail and depth. Just like the BDR Shelf, BDR Cones are highly recommended for isolating the BDR Source board from the rack and also as an interface between the BDR Source and the component.


15" x 12" Wavelength

16”D Thor

19”D Thor

18”x14” Rega, Linn, Roksan, Win

19”x15” Oracle, WB, Well Tempered

19”x17” By International Demand

20”x16” Kuzma, Mitchell

21”x15.75” Zoethecus

21”x17” Sota, Voyd

21”x19” Target WI

23”x16” VPI Aries

24”x18” VPI, Basis, LAMM, BAT

26.5”x20” VPI HRX


BDR Adapters are Brass and 1 inch in length with the exception of the 3/8"-16 adapter which is 1.5" long. All adapters are threaded on one end with the standard 1/4 - 20 thread and the other end to a specified size. Our sizes offered are as follows:

Adapter 5/16" -18

Adapter 3/8"- 16

Adapter 6/32

Adapter 8/32

Adapter 10/32

Adapter 4mm

Adapter 6mm

Adapter 8mm

Adapter 10mm

BDR Studs are available in three sizes:

-3/4" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)

-5/8" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)

- 1 1/2" Diameter (1/4-20" thread)

**all of our inserted items take a 3/4" stud

** all LM products and pyramid cones take 5/8" stud

** 1 1/2 studs fit to our Jumbo Pits

I know bit to long but I wanted to stick as much info as possible with pictures which I hope going to help to choose products you want to try and I should stock.I really appreciate you looked thru the whole think and want to thank you for your time and effort.



Apr 29, 2010
Ramsey,Isle Of Man
Oh well I thought that it will be little bit more interest in BDR products as they where in UK while back and then stopped as the founder of company had bit of hard time with cancer and after that he died.I will offer all my feature demo stock for rotation/home trial but as it is looks like I will have to decide by my self what to get to start with .Also I was expecting bit more enthusiasm from dealers to get the BDR on there lists as the cones MK3 and MK4 are worthwhile upgrade for any possible equipment and surprise surprise does not cost fortune.The price for the cone will be around £18 but final price will be published soon.BDR is one of the companies I really like the products as they do exactly what it says on the tin.Nothing more or less.If you do not believe it then there is only one way and that is to try it for your self.



Apr 29, 2010
Ramsey,Isle Of Man
Thank you all for your help and here is the list of products which will be here for permanent demonstration.

MK3 Cones

MK4 Cones

LM Discs

LM Pillows


MK3 Pits

Jumbo Pits

Signature 15 x 12 Series Shelf

There will be also M6,M8,M10 reducers available to play with if anybody is interested.I'm looking for dealers to come forward in case of interest.



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Aug 13, 2008
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This range of products is great. I bought some from Peter (who is excellent to deal with) some time ago. My kits changed so I hadn't used the BDRs for some time. I'm cynical about expensive isolation, but these are not, and whatever they are made with certainly seems to work.

Under my borrowed pre, which actually has an external PSU, I didn't expect to hear much. But I definitely felt the bass was better defined, there was more air around the treble, and a definite pluck to guitar string I'd previously noted was lacking.

These come threaded and you can buy threaded studs to secure them under your equipment or just run three upended slid under a component as I did today. I heartily recommend BDR products.



Apr 29, 2010
Ramsey,Isle Of Man
Many thanks for giving them try and for sharing your finds and I must say they do really work.It is not that they will totally change the sound but they improve it as in way all will be more focused with less distortion which means you would be able to hear more and not just think you can as most of you would say.There is really nothing complicated all you have to do is to ask and I will send you things to try for your self.


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