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Dec 5, 2006
Forest of Dean, Glos
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
Is thread only for folk called Andy?




No! I'm Spartacus and my system is the best bang for the buck :eek:ff:



Aug 14, 2009
Cardiff, UK
Yer avin a larf, son!

Adcom GFA565 factory customised/upgraded power amps - 250 the pair, when they went back for a checkover after repair/service, tested to 350wpc at 8 ohms before he had to shut them down or melt his test resistors :D

Thule Pr350b pre-amp - 100

TJL 3W speakers - 850

Silver speaker cables - 180 (plus I traded something, or helped with something, can't remember what - they came from Smeagol, he might remember)

Opti adapter - 0 - came from Smegger68

CD to Pre interconnects - SHB - 10 - forget who from, was 't wam

Pre to power interconnects - SHB - 60ish - and YES - occasionally I DO buy brand new bits :p

Opti cable to laptop - 5 - see? new things everywhere.

Granite plinths for speakers with gold plated spikes (no... I don't know why they're gold plated either) - 40 - from 't wam

laptop - 0 (Anyone seen Matt around recently? MattC?)

Sound Organisation rack - 0 - I bought a complete system minus speakers for 40, sold the bits separately. Because I took it down for the seller, she even gave me her ex's punch/kick bag :D

When I was using it, Denon DV2900 - 50

Now, Micromega Logic - 5

Go on... challenge that... go on :D



Jul 19, 2011
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
I can't play this properly as my system is simply too many pieces of eqpmt & mostly bought new.....However a great deal of my eqpmt + ancillary bits have been bought at pretty hefty discounts so even though mostly new does still represent 'good bang fer my buck' I feel.

If I preclude all the fancy bits for vinyl replay + most of my other boxes/bits I can put forward a 'core system' that does represent particularly good bang per buck when you consider everything was bought BNIB with full warranties.

Lol I know this is a cheat really:D but in my mind:roll: my justification is that as most of my vinyl is now recorded I could easily enjoy all my music streamed with the simplicity of a single source system for streaming + internet radio.

Here's a rundown of all the bits I'd still need & what they cost me.

1) Amps: Musical Fidelity A1 fbp pre-amp £300

XTZ AP100 power amp - Audio Sanctum were running a 15% discount for Wammers at the time....cost £442

2) Speakers: XTZ 99.36 mk.2 Piano - I bought the last pair of mk.1's in the UK at a good discount from A.S. following the introduction of the mk.2's. I paid £715

Last year I brought these up to mk.2 spec when I received the new crossover boards gratis from XTZ following ongoing problems with my original power-amp which they also replaced with a brand new unit. Current cost of the XTZ 99.36 piano is around £1100 & even at full whack are unusually good VFM.....IMV of c. :)

3) Streamer: Cambridge Audio SM6.......cost me £600 + £60 for Richer Sounds excellent 5year extended warranty which is superb for peace of mind & they will reimburse the cost of this if unused. So the warranty may not end up costing me in the long run. This also replaced my main system SBT + Musical Fidelity M1 Dac so as an upgrade its only actually cost me £320 once I've deducted shipping costs from my recent sales.

4) Eqpmt Rack is a Bloc 600, 5 shelf in American Maple which I bought BNIB from Superfi for £160 from Superfi.....RRP was around £600 at the time IIRC & is more like £700 now I believe.

5) Signal Cables: I use V.D. Classic Starquad with Neutriks top of the line connectors. For the 2 sets of Balanced leads for pre &power amps + for the SM6. I use these>>
This top quality professional 'Quad gold' balanced XLR lead is hand made using Van damme's classic starquad cable which is terminated at one end with Neutrik's NC3MXX-B, 3 pole male XLR connector and at the other end with their NC3FXX-B, 3 pole female XLR connector. The Van Damme classic quad cable is constructed using 2 x twisted pair conductors and a very dense braided screen making this lead virtually impervious to outside interference and so ideal for microphone and balanced line leads that may be subject to EMI and RFI - for example in close proximity to lighting dimmer circuits and power feeds. The connectors are professionally soldered using a lead free solder with a minimum 4% silver content to make what we believe to be one of the finest balanced XLR leads available..


I bought these a couple of years ago....two stereo pairs of hand built to order bespoke cables built up to to my specs re cable colour & choice of boots for colour coding/ease of quick identification. I bought a 1m + 2m stereo pair. This is his range topping offering, but you can pretty much mix 'n match re choice of cables, cable colour, boots & choice of connectors. This guy is based fairly local to me in Glossop & I ordered them late on Friday & had them in my hand the next Tuesday morning for a cost of around £83 delivered. Pretty fab value for a bespoke cable building service IMV.

6) Speaker Cables: I built up my own using this>>

Van Damme 2 x 4.00mm Hi-Fi speaker twin interconnect cable / 7M

Cost £39-12 delivered

My speakers are Triwirable so from the 7m cable I cut off 88cm for the four pairs of links I needed & as there was a little over 7m of cable I've ended up with a 3.2m pair.

I bought the following connectors>>

Spade Connector, Full Copper, 45 Degree Angle, 6 Pair

by Sewell Direct

Which cost me £16.95 + a further 6 pairs of the same Nakamichi BFA/Z plugs that Purite North have been using for their built V.D speaker cables>>
These cost me £21-50 with speedy next day delivery & were dispatched within an hour of me ordering. :^ :cool:

I've ended up with some v high quality cables that only took around 35 mins to neatly assemble. I didn't have any suitable sized/shrink ratio heatshrink as the 4mm V.D. is seriously chunky. I had some Black/Red soft silicon rubber plug boots that the cable 'gland' end is a nice snug fit on the V.D cable. I only had enough of these for the stereo pair & they look v smart. I may heatshrink the terminations on the links at a later date. :? TBH though they actually already look extremely neat & the strength + ease of termination of the plugs I used is a real +. I could hang a sizable weight off the links as the terminations really are v strong. So my terminated stereo pair + 4 pairs of links cost £77.57 delivered & I'm v happy with that.

That's a grand cost of £2437-57p for everything including the extended warranty mentioned..... & not deducting anything off for any eqpmt I sold to help fund any of it.

I think it represents VGFM personally & generally the last few major eqpmt purchases I've made, I've actually ended up getting what I've actually wanted. After years of side grades + pretty random & less well considered changes. I finally seem to be more clued up on getting it right for me & I haven't made a costly mistake for a good while now. :)

As an aside I reckon the C.A. SM6 + a set of the ESI Unik active speakers that Purite North are selling would make a killer one box + speakers system. The SM6 does have pre-amp functionality & this would make for a BNIB system that would be hard to better for the money & have the bonus of full mfrs warranties.


BD Audio

I heard the previous owner of your speakers had to pay you to take them away Stu.



Aug 14, 2009
Cardiff, UK
Speaker cables are my next change - the ones I have are far too long, I want to make some decent ones about 4' long and will probably go the diy route to do it. Some nice gear's coming into the ring on this one.

I'm still Spartacus though.


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