For Sale Cayin Soul 170i Integrated Amplifier - with warranty.

For Sale


May 11, 2009
Castle Douglas
I bought this wonderful amplifier new in July 2022 from Audioemotion in Fife for £7490.
They have confirmed that new owner will have remains of 12 month warranty which is good to have.
Having said that these amps are extremely robust so I wouldn’t expect there to be any issues.
Unfortunately I am having to sell my more expensive bits and pieces.
The amplifier is in mint condition and I have all the original packaging.
It comes with a lovely remote control and valve cage.
Has the option to change between Ultra Linear (130watts) and Triode mode (75watts) from the remote or amp itself. Two amps in one and you can tell the difference. Triode mode for a deeper soundstage and Ultra Linear fir a more upfront sound.
A particularly nice option is the provision of XLR inputs from a source component.
Also connections for a subwoofer out and pre in to use a separate pre-amp.
It weighs 39kg which is an indication of some meaty transformers.
I am looking for £4500.
Unfortunately I am not willing to post. It would have to be collected from my home or I can possibly deliver if not too far away. I am in Castle Douglas, SW Scotlan.

Here’s the full description from Audioemotion website:-

Cayins new SOUL 170i KT170 tube based masterpiece.
At 130wpc this is a beast of an Amplifier but has the sweetness of a Class A pre-amp stage, could this be the perfect amp?
In 2018 Cayin developed its 25th Anniversary model A-845PRO which received a great response and amazing feedback from the market making note of its sensational sound performance mated to its elegant cosmetic design.
With the success of this model we have been thinking to expand the range and have a new reference line of products for Cayin.
Thanks to Tungsol and New Sensor Corporation announcing the all new KT70 flagship tube , this has now allowed us to bring to market a quite revolutionary amplifier design.
This is how the Soul 170i started.
Product Description:
Soul 170i is designed on the basis of the world class Tungsol KT170 Power Tube - we have bespokely designed the perfect amplifier to fully utilise the talents of this amazing valve.
Real world realisation of 130 watts of power in Ultralinear Mode or 75 watts of power in Triode Mode (per channel) is quite sensational.
Designed in a Class AB Push-Pull configuration, Soul 170i has implemented two pieces of the powerful KT170 tube per channel.
This all tube Integrated utilises a special 22DE4 Tube Rectifier for Power supply duties, while hand selected ECC83S are used for the voltage amplification stage, special 6SN7's for the driver stage, and of course the quite incredible KT170 output tubes.
Following the design concept of Cayin Soul 170i, the amplifier offers two operation modes:
Triode and Ultralinear.
As you can see from the above specifications these two different modes offer two different output power configurations.
However it is a lot more than just that !
Changing the output mode will result in a fundamentally different sound signature instantly for the listener.
Triode Mode is rendering, a richer, smoother and more fluid flavour - this can be wonderfully suited to vocal and instrumental music.
Ultralinear Mode has very impressive power and extension - clean with energy, ideal for music which has punch and dynamic reach and as such this offers excellent control and immense grip.
Three pairs of line inputs, one pair of balanced inputs and one pair of 'Pre-In' are located on the rear panel of the amplifier.
The 'Pre-In' offers the listener the possibility to connect another high end Pre-Amplifier, so that you can use the Soul 170i as a stand alone power amplifier.
Uniquely, Cayin have integrated one pair of dedicated subwoofer Outputs on the rear, allowing for the implementation of a high quality subwoofer into the set-up - this opens up additional opportunities to expertly extend the bass performance for the customers set-up.
Cayin also offer a set of fully balanced XLR inputs on the Soul 170i, again pushing the boundaries in high end valve amplifier design, and therefore offers the listener the ability to run a fully balanced set-up through the entire audio system.
Speaker terminals are offered for 4 and 8 ohm speakers and are located on the rear panel of the amplifier.
Simple and easy user bias controls for the KT170 Power Tubes have been implemented for bias adjustment with a convenient and very accurate meter added to the top plate to allow you to monitor and adjust the bias of the KT170's with ease.
A quite beautifully crafted anodised solid aluminium front panel has been used, with a fully vented chassis giving a luxurious finish.
The Cayin Soul 170i, like all the other products from Cayin only employs point to point wiring.
The entire circuitry (including the signal path) is painstakingly hand wired with heavy-gauge cable by true audio craftsmen.
A bespoke soft-start circuit and a high voltage delay configuration are used, which fully protect the amplifier and significantly extended life of the more sensitive components.
Special high voltage fuses are used in the amplifier for additional protection and are conveniently located on the top plate close to the power tubes. In case of an external power surge or other issue which may otherwise result in the failure of a tube, the fuse will react first, giving additional protection to the overall design.
Premium Parts are used throughout :
  • Alps Volume Control
  • Porcelain Tube Sockets
  • Audio Grade Capacitors
  • Carbon Film Resistors
  • In-House Toroidal based transformers for the power supply
  • In-House Wide bandwidth EI output transformer.
Output transformers are one of the most important part of any tube amplifier. They determine how low the bass will reach and how extended the high frequencies are - these attributes have significant impact on the amplifiers real world musical ability - with this in-house design ability, Cayin have managed to allow the full untapped potential of the Soul 170i to be realised.
Cayin output transformers are custom-designed, wound in-house, and over engineered - this enables us to implement a uniquely designed/complicated multi-layer winding with multiple impedance's on the output to match perfectly with with the different and unique loads offered by the loudspeaker.
This carefully matched output design , allows the Cayin Soul 170i to promote a more balanced, natural and realistic sound across the complete audio spectrum.
The custom designed Toroidal Power transformer offers unmatched/ultra-stable power production and
extreme low hum level providing a super-reliable performance and extraordinary control.
Coming standard with a full function aluminium remote control, the Soul 170i can also memorise the last operation of the unit once switched off.
Available front finish: Satin Black.
  • Power Output TR 75W+75W (Triode Mode)
  • Power Output UL 130W+130W (Ultralinear Mode)
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz~50kHz (-3dB)
  • THD: 0.2% (1kHz)
  • S/N Ratio: 97dB
  • Input Sensitivity: 420mV (Integrated)
  • Input Sensitivity: 1300mV (Pre-IN)
  • Input Impedance: 100k
  • Output Impedance: 4,8
  • Max Power Consumption: 680W
  • Tube: 22DE4*1, ECC83S*2, 6SN7*2, KT170*4
  • W×D×H: 430×448×238mm
  • Weight : 38.7kg


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Wammer Plus
Jul 27, 2018
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
Good luck with your sale.

You should amend your advert and remove your postcode. Also the picture with all of your personal details on there!


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Apr 11, 2010
HiFi Trade?
  1. Yes
Full address removed, I'll leave it to the OP if they want to remove or shorten the postcode. Cheers for the report.

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