Cheap Fiio D3 surprisingly good...

John (big)

Nov 3, 2012
N W London
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
I was not entirely happy with the sound off my TV playing through the stereo sound system via the built in phono using my DIY 3m TNT style cat.5 based "shoestring" phono leads, the TV is also connected via HDMI to our computer in our bedroom.

Whilst trawling through the classifieds on another forum I saw "Fiio D3 £ 15 posted" they are normally £25-£30 so worth a punt.

I had read conflicting reports on the D3; V1 good: V2 to be avoided, though some users report very good (bad batch of parts/assembly?) V3 "Taisho" very good: The 5v wall wart/PSU is switching mode & again of variable quality re noise.

3 days later the D3 arrived, it was a V2. I use a Cambridge CD4se CD player with BNC digital out. I had not been idle & had already soldered up a BNC to phono lead using some CT100 coax cable from by bags of wires, pre ordered from eBay was a cheap 3m optical cable.

All plugged in; No noises from the PSU, music from my venerable CD4se used as a transport using my coax were deeper sound stage instruments have more of their own space an improvement all round.

The sounds from the telly/Tivo box via optical cable were chalk & cheese, gone is the chestiness on voice, perceived dynamic range is greater, instruments are more natural now a very good source worth listening to in it's own right.

Now I don't know if this D3 has been modified as some have. What I do know is for £15 I am a very happy pensioner with a box smaller than a packet of cigarettes costing naff all that works well.


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