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Sep 24, 2012
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Hi All,

So it has certainly been great getting back to doing our monthly open days again this year but already here we are announcing the last one of 2022 but being that I love headphone listening so much it is a great one to finish the year on with our dCS Lina Lounge event on December 10th.

dCS really made a statement with their purpose built headphone system called Lina earlier this year, it is a 3 box solution comprising of a Streaming DAC, a Master Clock and Powerful headphone amplifier, this is basically as good as a headphone system gets and has proved very popular since launch.

dCS have been taking their Lina Lounge experience around the country and their next stop is HiFi Lounge on December the 10th where we will have various dCS Lina Systems setup and running, it is mainly a headphone event where you can hear a selection of the worlds best headphones on the world's best purpose designed Headphone system with Lina but we will also be running the stunning Vivaldi One Apex in our Highend Room through a 2 channel system and various other dCS equipment running in the other rooms, basically we'll have all our rooms running some kind of dCS equipment but mainly the event is to focus on Lina and headphone listening, please find more info on Lina below -


Listen to the World's best headphones on the world's best headphone system with Lina.


Being that we are one of a handful of HiFi Shops that have a dedicated headphone room where you can hear all the best headphones under one roof we will have a selection of the worlds best headphones to try with Lina from the new Focal Utopia's, the Audeze LCD-4's, the Meze Elites and my personal favourites, the Stax SR-X9000 Electrostatic Earspeakers, I have to say these partnered with the Lina DAC and Clock is pretty phenomenal and worth coming along to try on it's own as well as all the other goodies we will have available on the day.

We will be running our demo Lina system in our Headphone room as well as dCS will be bringing along their own Lina systems so we'll have a few rigs setup throughout the shop so you will be able to have a proper listen.


We will have some of the top guys coming along from dCS to answer any questions you may have on Lina or anything dCS to be honest and as ever we will have refreshments available throughout the day so if you'd like to come along to hear Lina with some amazing cans or are generally interested in what dCS have to offer please feel free to come along, if you could just let me know via the email address below that would be great, the day will run from 9.30am to 5pm.


Many thanks and look forward to seeing you on December 10th.

All the best,


Paul, Wendy & Team.

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