dCS Lina System With New Focal Utopia Headphones, The Perfect Partners!

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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi All,

Just a quick blog to say that if you love headphone listening as I do then I can highly recommend the new dCS Lina Headphone system partnered with the new revised 2022 Focal Utopia headphones which we now have on permanent demo, yes it is at the higher end of the headphone market but I can honestly say that if you do want the best you can get then this real really takes some beating.

I have always said that even though I am a Stax user myself that the Utopia's really are the best all rounder out there, although I must say that the new Audeze LCD-5's have got very close but Focal have done a brilliant job with the 2022 Utopia's, now there wasn't really anything wrong with the original Utopia's but Focal have made a few improvements to the new version which has refined the top end a tad but without any loss of detail and there is a bit more power at the bottom end with more resolution in the bass, the originals were brilliant and this evolution has just taken them to another level.

We really are spoilt at the moment as I have been using the dCS Lina system to feed our Stax T8000 with the incredible SR-X9000's Earspeakers and also the new Utopia's and although they are so different both Stax and Focal have moved the game on and with Lina behind them you know you are getting the very best performance from the headphones.

Even though this is very high end headphone listening, and I know everything is relative and this is way beyond most people's budget it does show why headphones are such great value as even though this system is knocking on £30,000+ it is arguably the best sound you are ever going to hear, admittedly you don't get the soundstage of a big speaker system but for overall sound quality, purity and insight either of the Stax of Focal combo's really are a treat for your ears, you have no room issues to worry about, just enjoy your favourite music possibly the best you have ever heard it, if that appeals feel free to come in to give it a listen.





More intimate headphone demo room.

In other news, what with iLounge Racing taking over the space where our headphones used to live I just wanted to say that we still have a dedicated headphone space but we have moved it to a smaller, more intimate space, I actually prefer it, we still have a big selection of all the best headphones on the planet so for all of your headphones needs you can still spend a few hours sitting back, comparing and enjoying the best the market has to offer, whether open or closed back, and know that whatever you decide you've tried the best and have made an informed decision and be happy with your choice.


dCS Lina Open Day

Finally I just wanted to say that we are just putting the final touches to our dCS Lina Open day which will be at some point in December so please watch this space.

All the best,



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