Eclipse TD510z Mk2 ex-demo


Jan 28, 2013
Richard Santiago
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Due to stock rotation we are selling our pair of Eclipse TD510z Mk2

They are very much akin to a "cut down" version of the amazing TD712z Mk2 in as smaller package.

RRP £3840, selling at £3195

In the ECLIPSE TD series, the internal standing and diffraction waves generated at the front baffle edges are largely eliminated by adopting a rigid, yet tactile egg-shaped form, in which no two radial surfaces are in the same plane. With TD510ZMK2, the wider frequency response has been dramatically improved by increasing the internal volume of the cabinet by approximately 14% from TD510, which also helps to reduce the back pressure on the driver for better impulse response

10cm Full Range Driver

Because the cone needs to be extremely light, offering greater elasticity whilst still possessing high radial rigidity, fibreglass has been chosen as the ideal material for the drive-unit. It is then connected to the enclosure by a highly flexible, rubber surround incorporating a re-designed damping system. This allows precise, lateral piston movement. The magnetic flux density is approximately 4.5% greater than in the TD510, providing more powerful motor system.

Solid Foundation

TD510ZMK2 and its stand is an 'all-point' contact design, achieved by using three steel legs mounted in the top of the column in combination with a specially machined, locking ring. This design eliminates undesirable vibrations, ensures tighter lower frequency performance and allows for angle adjustments, which is an unusual option for high-end speakers. Adjustment of -10 to 15 degrees of the head angle offers a wide range of flexibility in the installation to suit the individual listening environment.

Well Damped Stand

The forward slanting, streamlined form of the stand prevents the disturbance of the air flow. Constructed from a combination of extruded and die-cast aluminum, offering both high rigidity and extensive internal damping, which eliminates any residual vibrations. The stand is filled with high-density, irregular sized kiln dried sand. It is the combination of these elements in the structure that allows precise reproduction of low frequency waveforms. Functional beauty was born from seeking high-performance.


The commitment to reproducing 'accurate sound' extends to include all elements. The TD510ZMK2 die-cast aluminum base incorporates five 20m bullet shaped spikes. This detail, allied to the all-point-contact stand, ensures any residual vibrations from the movement of the drive-unit are isolated from the floor.

Dimensions: W255 x H391 x D391 mm

Weight: 9.5kg

Drive unit: 10cm full range

Frequency response: 42Hz to 22kHz

(at -10db)

Efficiency : 82dB

Input resistance : 25w/50w

Impedance: 6 ohms

Adjustable head angle: -10 to 15 degrees


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