F/S Jolida JD9 Ugrade valve output phonostage - heavily modified

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Oct 8, 2012
Glos SW
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22/09/2013 - neatened up modifications and removed RelCap output capacitors to lower the cost so more inviting for a purchase. Big price drop as a result.

Selling in my personal capacity. Jolida JD9 Upgrade (some mods done by Jolida themselves in the US - Hexfred diodes, added resistors, ESA clarity cap output filters, gold pin Tung Sol 12AX7's) however I have taken this one to over the top next level.

Input electrolytic caps replaced with Nichicon FG Gold's (x4).

Some input signal caps replaced with Wima's

Main power supply caps replaced with Jensen, F&T and Elna Silmic capacitors

Dampened chassis and cables.

Output ClarityCap ESA's + 1x Audio Note tin/oil (replaced poly cap)

Output valves upgraded to 5751's made in the USA.

All op amps (x6) upgraded to Burr Brown OP627's (£30 each and guaranteed originals - plenty copies about). (This is a huge upgrade).

Focul Pod feet

These phonostages are both MC and MM. You can set the amp to match your cartridge with the dip switches on the back. Can take a cartridge input as low as 0.25mV. There are two outputs one with standard gain and the other for very low MC cartridges (high gain) - very flexible unit. Unit is in silver.

With all the mods SOLD excl post

An absolute bargain since the standard JD9 Upgrade retails at £895.00.


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