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Mar 4, 2009
North Nottingham
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
I can't listen to all these so some have to go. No original boxes sorry.

Armstrong 524
One of the best sounding tuners that I have heard, good balance between tonality and detail retrieval. I can only get it to work proberly in Mono. cleaned the decoder board contacts to no avail. in stereo mode the volume is very low and its difficult to tune but does give output. The stereo light doesnt come on BUT in mono bothe channels work and it sounds brilliant. No idea on prices for these £80 + PP ?

Leak Stereofetic
Brilliant if you can put up with the manual tuning. Everything works as expected and sounds great. Not mint but very good condition
£25 + PP - sound wise its worth a lot more.

Leak Troughline Mk3 stereo
HiFi world raved over them. Maybe if you are next door to a radio transmitter you will too but for me its a load of junk. Some obvious mods to the output wiring.
It powers up a gets stations but the noise is so great it not worth even bothing with BUT I do live 70km from the transmitter. £10 + PP (PS its very heavy)
( It has some Vector CV30 speak cable inside, might make good jumper leads for your speakers)

Musical Fidelty E50
pretty much mint. Another great sounding and underrated tuner. first of the tuners on this list with presets. £75+pp

NAD 412
The display bulbs have been replaced and are working. No leds here. Very smooth sounding but lacks the detail offered by some of the others on this list. Overall in very good condition. £30 + PP

Rotel RT622
bought this to match a Rotel set up I used to own. Soundwise I much prefer this to the NAD but only one channel outputs in stereo, set it to mono and you get mono on bothe channels. Great for a garage system ?. £10 + PP

Yamaha T85
Legendary tuner, fully working. Some scratches to the top panel and marks on the facia. one being a bit nasty but doesnt affect operation. £120 + PP


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