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Oct 8, 2012
Glos SW
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
Something you will likely never see ever again. Not a trade sale as they do not even make these ugly boys anymore and is a personal amp of mine.

True story, friend of a friend designed and built these. It never took off and only sold to a few friends and then friends of friends hence me owning one.

10w EL84 amp (ECC83 preamp valves) integrated amp. Mine looks a little different to another friends amp and as this is missing the name / logo so this is likely the prototype / pre-production unit. Not a looker right? Hence no sales.

Sound? Amazing, very detailed, sweet and warm. Only downfall is the transformers are not bullies so it needs very sensitive speakers otherwise the bass suffers. (or constant impedance)

From the pics you will notice it is a little crude but looks good on a rack. Despite there being 3 inputs, only 2 work and 2 have only ever worked (same on other amps like this).

Manual Vishay volume pot and manual on switch at the rear of the amp. I have carried out some mods to the amp a few months ago being:

  • All coupling caps swapped to TRT dynamicaps (were Orange Drops)
  • Some power supply caps swapped to Elna Silmics and Jensen Electrolytic. Aslo 4 x 0.0001uF caps to Jensen foils.
  • Speaker outputs now Vampire Wire.

Plenty of screws amiss but easily sourced - amp comes with a full 4.

So not a looker, super rare, unique, sounds amazing, a sonic bargain. Needs must so want £350 for it. Sonically it is worth way more.

Collection only however I can drive a distance to midway somewhere.


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