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Jan 21, 2014
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I've got a full Naim system no longer being used that needs to find a new home. I'd much rather it all went to the same home as it makes a great system on it's own and some of the items are free if the whole thing goes to the same place. Cash on collection is idea, but I have all the original packaging so it can be sent via courier if the buyer wants to transfer me the money somehow.

Naim CD5 with box, instructions, mains cable, link paddle, signal cable and clamp puck - £400
Naim NAC 112 with box, instructions, link plug, SNAIC cable to connect to Naim amp for power and signal - £200
Naim NAP 150 with box, instructions, mains cable - £350
Naim stageline N with box, instructions and connecting SNAIC cable to connect to a NAIM power supply - £300

The whole system can go for £1200

I also have a Hi-cap clone which has been used to power the 112 and the stageline, it comes with the cables to do so, and is free (as are the cables) to a buyer of the complete system, otherwise £75

I also have a chord branded cable to take a signal from the 112 out to a non Naim brand power amp, again this is free to the buyer of the complete system, otherwise it is £20

Lastly I have a pair of 4m NACA5 cables. Note that one of the banana plugs for the speaker end is bent, it still works OK and could probably be straightened but letting the buyer know for clarity. Again free to the buyer of the whole system otherwise £65.

Photos available to view in this google album
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