For Sale Further price drop - Puresound A30 integrated valve amp + all spare valves

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Jan 9, 2006
Edinburgh, UK
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Update 13 Nov 22 - Further price drop to £695 plus I'll include all spare valves which are worth a fair bit (see list below)
It's finally time to sell this great class A valve amp due to downsizing.

It is designed by Guy Sergeant of Puresound and I bought it new and direct from Puresound. I've successfully used it with Living Voice speakers as well as some more humble standmounters.

It can be used in ultralinear and triode modes - I mainly used it in ultralinear for the extra drive. I listen to quite a lot of beat driven music and this was the only (more affordable) valve amp that I came across that could deal well with it, whilst keeping that wonderful valve fluidity and musicality for all the other types of music I listen to.

It's recently had the once over from Guy and is in excellent cosmetic and operational condition. Note the photo showing the subtle indentations in the metal casing - these were there when I bought it and must have occurred when manufacturing the case. They are not noticeable unless you're close.

It has also had some nice upgrades by Guy - see image for more details.

It comes with 4x Svetlana 6550C power valves that I've used and I'll include the original Electro Harmonix 6550s that came with it. All other valves were as supplied by Puresound.

More info found here and elsewhere online. Original boxes (excellently double boxed) and inner packaging. Courier and cost can be agreed with you.

Further price drop to £695 plus all spare valves listed below
Price drop to £750
Price - £800
plus courier cost.
Location - Edinburgh

If you're interested in tube rolling, I'm also going to be separately selling the following so flag if you want to also buy any of these at the same time. Prices still to be decided so if you want the amp then I'm happy for you to make me an offer for any of these. I can send photos:
- 2x Brimar 6SN7GT valves (bought from Langrex, the cheap ones not the silly price ones)
- 2x RCA 6SL7GT JAN VT299 (bought from Langrex)
- 2x RCA 6SN7GT (bought from Langrex)
- 4x TungSol 6550 quad matched (bought from a Wammer)
- 2x Mullard GZ37/CV378s (bought from Langrex)

2021-11-02 09.39.57 - Copy.jpg

2021-11-02 09.41.45.jpg

2021-11-02 09.41.59.jpg

Original PCB
Pure Sound A30 original PCB.JPG

Upgraded PCB
Pure Sound A30 upgrades.JPG

2021-11-02 09.40.54.jpg
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Mar 31, 2009
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Jack lambert
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Montesquieu had one of these when he was in Winnersh. That's a few amps back for Tom but i remember being distinctly impressed by the system that day and what stuck in my memory banks was that Guy had modified Tom's amp prior to the sale.

It strikes me that these might be similar upgrades and if so this might well be a very nice amp at this money.
Could do a good job on a pair of efficient floorstanders - I do believe, ahem!, there may be something in the classifieds that would suit just fine..

Jack NSM
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