Graham Slee Solo Ultra Linear Diamond edition (with PSU1 as standard)


Jan 28, 2013
Richard Santiago
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Superb amplifier hand-built in Yorkshire!

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Whilst other headphone amplifiers follow the one-way trend of being tuned-up mini-speaker amplifiers, the Solo Ultra Linear headphone amplifier uses original thinking to take the headphone-specific Solo concept even further, so it reproduces music so precisely it naturally sounds more musical!

The Solo Ultra Linear headphone amplifier lets the music flow - it's timing is second to none. The bass is full but never loses control. The highs are free of grain and harshness. Stereo imaging is the best it can be without artificial cross-mix or width extension. Made for the best signal sources - the Solo Ultra-Linear headphone amplifier will be your best headphone amplifier purchase yet.

The Solo Ultra Linear headphone amplifier is a J-FET input -discrete transistor output-stage design which uses open-loop gain and bandwidth modified operational amplifiers that mimic valve/tube performance. The result is linearity in all areas that can only normally be provided by valves/tubes. However, the Solo Ultra-Linear headphone amplifier can directly drive low impedance headphones - as low as 5 Ohms - as well as high impedance headphones.

It also includes our proprietary headphone load feedback network which cancels much of the Solo Ultra-Linear current drive output impedance as well as controlling headphone cable capacitance and inductance so you should never need a cable swap to hear your headphones at their best.

The headphone load feedback network also makes it possible to swap from high to low or low to high impedance headphones without much change in volume control position or the need for a gain switch which could otherwise colour further the music.


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