HiFiMan EF6 headphone amplifier at Audiologica


Jan 28, 2013
Richard Santiago
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If Batman had a headphone amplifier this would be it! Stunning looks and build quality, superb sound

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Hand-built by HiFiMAN craftsmen, the new EF-6 flagship headphone amplifier provides audiophile quality for the most demanding listeners. Fit and finish hint at the amplifier’s exceptional performance under the hood. EF6 is a hi-end headphone amp with very powerful output. EF6 can also work as a world-class pre-amplifier. The EF-6 the clear choice for discriminating music lovers seeking a no-compromise headphone amplifier yet priced well below units with comparable performance.

Connections: The EF-6 features three separate inputs: two rear-panel stereo RCA inputs (CD and AUX) and a front-panel 3.5mm line input. Each input has a separate select button on the front panel. Two high quality stereo headphone outputs are located on the front panel: a locking 1/4" phone jack and a 4-pin XLR-type jack. In addition to the headphone outputs, the EF-6 has a stereo RCA preamplifier output on the rear panel.

Volume Control: The large rotary volume control provides a hand-made, precision-stepped attenuator which gives you accurate, low-noise sound quality.

Selectable Gain Settings: With a rear-panel installed toggle switch, you can change the gain settings from 0 to -10dB. Hard-to-drive headphones, such as the HE-6, work best at the "0" setting. For more efficient headphones, the "-10" setting is recommended.

Indicator Lamp: The EF-6 has an LED power indicator lamp above the power switch with a two-color status. As the amp is warming up, the LED glows purple. When the amp is warmed up and ready to use, the LED will glow blue. The LED turns off when the amp is turned off.

Volume: Hand-made Step Attenuator

Power Supply Design: CLC filter

Weight: about 24 lb (10.75 KG)

Dimensions: 13''(330 mm)Wide *12.2"(310mm)Deep *4.1"(105mm)High

THD: 0.03% (1w and 1KHz)

S/N: 95 DB

Max Output: Class A 5W at 50 Ohm



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