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Aug 16, 2011
HiFi Trade?
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I first heard these speakers years ago at Castle Sound and Vision in Nottingham. They were way out of my price range at £3500 but they did something that I'd never heard before. My experience with hifi was limited and I'd never heard horns before. The speed, delicacy, dynamics and timbre were new to me and now a future goal for when I had more space and money.

A few years later I discovered this pair through this forum and enjoyed them immensely. Unfortunately circumstances mean I don't have the room for them now.

They have been in storage for a while but Jack @Non-Smoking Man wanted to hear them whilst on his travels with the Wam taxi so I set them up at my mum's for him to listen to. He said he was interested in them himself but isn't in a position to buy at the moment. The photos below are from his visit.

There's very little about them on the internet unfortunately although I believe they were reviewed in hi-fi plus at some point.
They were designed by P.Y. Park, the president of Marshall Electronics and built by them in South Korea. He had been involved in pro audio for over 20 years, and the K200 is his realization of a smaller, less expensive version of the larger Köchel K300.
Park’s guiding philosophy has been that a properly executed horn loudspeaker is the best way to reproduce music with the lowest distortion, the fastest transient response, and the ability to convey dynamics in the most convincing way.

Dimensions are 36"x12"x15" (HxWxD)
95dB sensitivity, an 8-ohm nominal impedance, and a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz
Come with original boxes.

I will gladly demo them at my mum's but it would have to be for the very seriously interested only.

I'm in Sutton in Ashfield, Notts and I'd like £1000 for them but I'm open to sensible offers.

PXL_20220912_140014584.jpg PXL_20220912_140025848.jpg PXL_20220912_140902201.jpg image.jpg

Non-Smoking Man

Mar 31, 2009
Chichester W. Sussx.
Jack lambert
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
These Kochels are in lovely (as new) condition and sounded really nice when I visited nak recently.

I'm a believer in hornloaded speakers and these didnt disappoint. Indeed they prompted a load of research into 'scoop bins' - their advantages and disadvantages. Living Voice made this type of hornloading work with the Tone Scout, which I heard once in a full on Kevin Scott system augmented by some serious subs and an SME front end.

A prospective buyer will be willing to invest in a subwoofer of some kind to augment the bass and such a speaker system would be a force to be reckoned with.

The larger brother, the 300, has put in appearances at Hifi Shows in the U.S.A - that gives you some idea of their class.

Jack NSM

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