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LP 12 bounce question


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Oct 19, 2018
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Thomas O'Keefe
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  1. Yes
Interesting. I thought LP12 were shipped in parts and assembled at the dealer(?)
Sometimes you live and learn wrong.
There are NO current LP12s that are completely built at the factory. The closest is the Majik LP12 which comes mostly assembled but still needs the hinge plates, armboard, arm collar, arm and cartridge to be mounted, the arm cable fitted and the suspension fine tuned. Sometimes the suspension is close, sometimes not and I have even had to take out the top plate and rebend it a couple of times. There are a few people who build LP12s at the factory and there is one person who I have noticed seems to be particularly good but I forget the name right now.
The Selekt and Klimax LP12s are virtually completely disassembled. The top plate has the 5 bolts on it and is attached to the plinth but that is about as far as it goes (the cross brace is also attached but as it has to be removed to fit the sub chassis it hardly counts). The LP12 carton includes the inner and outer platters, the Karousel bearing housing, the belt, dust cover, hinges, springs, grommets, nuts and a bottle of oil. Then there is a carton with a Kore or Keel, one with the motor and controller, one with the arm, arm collar, bolts, P-Clip and cable, another with the cartridge and one with the Trampolin 2. So six cartons total which get built into an LP12 by your dealer. Building an LP12 from all the individual parts (top plate bolts and nuts, hinge plates, etc.) would really take less than an additional hour on the Selekt and Klimax LP12s.

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