LP12 Spoke II SME 309



As seen at Scalford as front end for Active Yamaha NS1000M's, offered for sale is my 'version II' Spoke 330 kitted Linn LP12.

Spec includes custom Stainless Top plate with suspension springs and motor position rotated anti-clock to more evenly load suspension springs and reposition subchassis C of G optimally. Three off 1mm dia. carbon Spokes, new Premotec motor, Hercules 33 and 45 rpm Power supply, Chris Harben Bubinga Plinth, CNC machined anodised alloy Spoke posts, composite stainless/Aerolam non magnetic sub chassis. Large surface area of support for standard Armboard, as the new Sub-chassis supports under arm mount, so there is no bending moment in board at arm pillar. Polished outer platter rim, Pre Cirkus bearing fitted as I prefer these, easier to oil to correct level.

Available with the SME 309 as seen in image at £2500.00, or without arm at £1800.00.

No Linn boxes, or packaging for SME, but original Chris Harben Woodsong plinth box still available.

Please note image below has a fine texture finish black top plate, this is now replaced with stainless grained top plate to keep standard LP12 look.

This TT was also used briefly in Adam K's system in the Coleman room at Scalford 2013 if anyone remembers hearing it? Thanks for letting me try it out in this context Adam.

Reason for sale? I'm going to do it all again with an original Pink Triangle, and make it Direct Drive too if I can. Yahoo! Cheers all. Gary.


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Feb 25, 2010
The Major Oak, UK
HiFi Trade?
  1. Yes
This is a good buy for anyone looking for a sound LP12 purchase.

I also have the Spoke mod that Gary designed.

I remember it being reviewed quite favourably in HiFi World, and when I met him in his engineering company to buy my Spoke kit, I was very impressed with what it had to offer.

I would not let go of my Spoke kit. I am VERY pleased with the way it tightens up the Linn sound.

There is a lot of value in this piece of kit, what with the Chris Harban plinth too...

And if you went to Scalford and heard it, you'll know what I mean....


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