MAN 301 New Software available!

Purite Audio

Jan 29, 2007
London, UK
The version 1.1.1 of the MAN301 software has just been released. It is a big step forward in terms of features and enhancements, including:


- support of the Gracenote database, the professionally maintained metadata and cover art database

- DSD64 and DSD128 file playback and metadata editing

- substantial speed enhancement for library views and searches

- possibility to find and correct all those tracks which do not have the metadata set properly, e.g. lacking artist name, album name, track names

- automatic artwork fetching in selectable artwork sources

- various fixes and enhancements


The 1.1.1 is the most powerful and comprehensive MAN301 release yet!

We strongly recommend to update your MAN301 unit(s) with this new release (Preferences menu). The Weiss MAN app on the iPad has to be updated as well (only if you update from version 1.0.9 or earlier). And also download the latest MAN301 manual from our website (Version 1.1.1).


A word on the Gracenote database: Gracenote is a company owned by Sony. Besides other activities they offer a professionally maintained metadata database of CDs and music tracks. Their database's content is by far the most comprehensive and of exceptional quality. In the MAN301 we so far use the metadata and artwork information when ripping a CD. The artwork can also be set at any later time. In subsequent MAN301 software releases we will add the feature to overhaul the metadata of already ripped CDs and even find metadata based on music snippets.


A word on DSD playback: The DSD data format with its 1 bit quantization has the property that the noise floor above 20kHz rises steeply to relatively high levels with frequencies up to about 1.4 MHz! This noise has to be removed as it could cause problems in the power amplifier and/or speakers. In a native DSD D/A converter the noise has to be removed in the* analog domain - with all the detrimental effects of a steep analog filter. A better solution is to convert the DSD signal to PCM before D/A conversion. With this scheme the analog filter mentioned above can be avoided.




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