SOLD Nordost 1m SPDIF BNC to RCA Dual Monofilament Silver Plated 99.9999%OFC



Jan 4, 2015
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I bought this a few weeks ago from the audio-maniacs seller on eBay, for £94 delivered. The blurb from his advert is below.

A subsequent change in DAC meant that I bought an identical cable from the same seller, this time RCA-RCA. This is the one I'll keep.

Price =£65 inc delivery within mainland UK.

Nordost 75 Ohm Silver HD SPDIF cable - rare RCA - BNC

This is a coaxial DUAL micro monofilament silver-plated 99.9999% OFC - 75 Ohm cable from one of the top brands in audio cables. (YES THAT IS SILVER PLATED 6 NINES OXYGEN FREE COPPER).

The dual micro-monofilaments are the two plastic filler wires that space the silver plated conductor from the middle of the teflon tube, thus providing a mostly air dielectric - improving performance.

Brand new connectors - Hicon (by Sommer of Germany) gold plated BNC and RCA - The cable is cut from a long length of used cable - but as you can see the distinctive two colour shield is shiny as is the centre conductor silver plated copper I have repackaged the cable, improved the strain relief, treated the connectors with Deoxit, labelled orange for SPDIF, fully tested and burned in the cable.

These cables were originally sold as 75 Ohm cables in a bundle of three for component video - manufacturers just sold a single version of the same cable for digital SPDIF. (They specification for SPDIF and Component Video is identical) They are exactly the same just with different labels. This means you get a fabulous quality Nordost cable at a bargain price.

From Nordost (originally supplied as three cables)

The Nordost Silver Screen HD Component Video Cable consists of three Dual Micro Mono-Filament coaxial cables which carry the "Y" black and white signal and "I" and "Q" which carry the two color difference signals. This connection will give the best signal information as it avoids any of the degradation caused by combining and separating the signals.

This new design introduces more air space between the conductor and the FEP insulation reducing dielectric contact by more than 85%. The result is a cable with much lower capacitance and resistance resulting in higher signal speed and resolution. Sparkling picture quality, superb depth and better edge definition make Silver Screen HD.

This Nordost Silver Screen HD Component Video Cable is ideal for use with DVD players, HDTV sets and projectors where high resolution is critical. Silver Screen.

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