SOLD Origin Live upgrade platter mat and Gravity One stabiliser



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Mar 2, 2021
Sandhurst, UK
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Lockdown sent me off on an interesting exercise in testing out mats, weights and clamps on various turntables - idler and belt drive - which led to some fascinating conclusions - I’ll be posting this in the near future.

In the meantime I now have far too many of these things. So having a sell-off. All are in good condition with relatively minimal use.

First of all, the Origin Live mat and Gravity One weight. This is a lightweight solution, the mat has a lot of followers among the LP12 fraternity as a clear improvement on the felt mat, it’s around the same thickness but a shade heavier and less floppy, and in my experience less likely to lift from static. Though actually it's a good match on unsuspended TTs as well, worked very well on my Thorens TD124. Some reviews here.

My experiments concluded that the mat worked best with the Gravity One 'weight' - though weight is something of a mismomer as it only weighs 67g and therefore is absolutely perfect with suspended turntables, not disturbing the suspension to any perceptible extent (I have a Thorens TD160B here as well as my TD124). To me it has a similar effect to the Shun Mook clamp in terms of managing resonance without damping them. A review here 2 LP album offers,in the mid-upper bass .

List price before postage is £258 for the pair so how about £185 posted? I don't recall ever seeing this pair offered for sale previously anywhere which may well be indicative of how good it is. BTW, the mat isn't for sale separately from the weight - it's only £46 new and I would suggest much better than, say, an Achromat for that amount of money.

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