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Jun 9, 2010
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Piega TMicro Fully Powered 2.1 System in Anodised Black Aluminium

I bought these a few years back after hearing them at a dealers, at the time I had cycled through many 2.1 speaker setups in a home studio/pc/Mac and bedroom setups for music and films and these were just amazing.

At the time I was already using a Piega sub with Active Focals in one setup and thought I’d replace that for a sleeker approach. Then life happened and these have just been sat new and boxed ever since I got them.

Now after moving I don’t have anywhere I can use them and forgot about them until sorting through our storage to get organised and get rid of everything we no longer needed, so here they are, they were £1850 new, however I paid more like £1000 in a deal with the dealer at the time.

The online pictures of these don’t do this setup any favours, they look fantastic in the flesh with their CNC’d brushed aluminium cabinets.

This is a completely powered system, just plug in an analogue source such as a DAC-pre or preamp to allow for connection of multiple devices. Basically anything with an analogue output and volume control will work with these, even an Echo Dot so you stream online services and Bluetooth and control all actions including volume with your voice.

The set comprises of a 150w subwoofer, which houses 2 x 50w amplifiers to run the satellite speakers.

The subwoofer is a wonderfully discrete and powerful unit which will deliver bass down to 30hz at -3db, which is pretty damn amazing for its 18cm size woofer - with a footprint of only 26cm (w) x 30cm (d) x 36cm (h) and has all the usual adjustments to help dial it into the room.

With a footprint of only 12cm x 13cm the satellites (I guess you could call them) have a 1” textile tweeter and a 4” mid, which is of a proprietary MDS design like the sub’s woofer which are very light, rigid and has great timing and agility.

It was the overall integration of the system that made me buy it, even though I had no immediate plans to use it, they just sounded so good with a unbelievably detailed and rich sound , with great imaging seemingly coming from two small good looking speakers.

When I demoed them I heard them from a small Wadia DAC-pre playing cd and 2 channel Blu-ray and I certainly didn’t think to myself “these are great TV speakers” they do proper sound! If I had somewhere I could set them up I really would.

Shipping won’t be a problem either in their original boxes.

The boxes were opened for inspection but rest assured they are completely new - else I’d just list them as used as it’s not worth the hassle.

I’ll take £500 for them, I have seen the sub still selling on its own for a fair bit more.

Shipping won’t be a problem either in their original boxes.

The stock images will allow you to see how they they and the silver finish let’s you see how well made they are. 4D7A69E4-A2EF-49A8-88C4-6CAE99D03D86.jpeg 59F81B17-0EDD-4C8F-A6CA-B51118C5490D.jpeg D6E854C1-46A1-43FC-BFFB-09DCABA37769.jpeg 1E2A70B6-2830-416B-83B7-785E99C096F1.jpeg 775E3913-1AA6-41E5-A079-2A438414B3F9.jpeg CD451C6E-8B1C-49DC-837A-D55E351CF5C2.png
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