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Fanthorpes Hifi

Apr 1, 2011
Afternoon all,

Although I have not yet received our demonstration PMC fact 12 yet , I was lucky enough to have spent Thursday at the fact 12 training day, so I thought It reason enough to kick off the new thread.

The day detailed a look at the design & ethos of the fact 12, backed up with various demonstration tracks.

Pinched from the Powerpoint :

Twelve fact.12 firsts

1. The first three way fact model

2. The first time a speaker company has worked with the National Physical Laboratory

3. The first use of the new 50mm midrange dome drive unit

4. The first use by PMC of a hollow pole piece in a mid-range dome drive unit

5. The first use of the new 140mm bass drive units

6. The first time PMC has engineered a bass unit with a ‘power bulge’ for extended excursion

7. The first use by PMC of coated alloy cones for low frequency reproduction

8. The first use of a double sided crossover in a PMC speaker

9. The first passive speaker to have a genuine bass lift user option

10. The first twin vent Advanced Transmission Line

11. The first design process led by Oliver Thomas

12. The first speaker from PMC to feature the new white silk finish

My first impression was that they were no where near as big as I expected them to be. But stood stood next to the fact 3 & fact 8 they seemed relatively normal as large floostanders go.

I could of look at the dimensions,

H 1110mm (43.7”) + 25mm spikes

W 168mm (6.1”) + 100mm (3.2”)

D 420mm (14.9”) + 23mm (0.9”)

The demo system

Bryston BDP 2 ,

Bryston 7BSST2,

Bryston SP3,

and of course

fact 12,

Drive units

The SONOMEX tweeter is the only element of fact 12 that is the same as the little brother, fact 8. A very fine tweeter, very consistent in sound.

The Mid Range unit, is manufactured in house at PMC, the smallest mid range unit to date, exclusively designed to fit the cabinet of a fact 12.

Bass. One of the design factors was to give the performance levels similar to the PMC IB2i but from a more elegant box. The IB2i has a 10" carbon fibre bass drive unit, which obviously couldn't not be used in this case, so after extensive testing an alloy was found to be the best material for its lightweight & stiff properties. To help with this he units also have a very 'long travel' up to 15mm which in drive unit terms is a very long indeed. The bass driver are also supported with spares around the circumference to help reinforce & dampen.

The crossover

Fascinating crossover which I will get in to Monday... Watch this space...


Fanthorpes Hifi

Apr 1, 2011
The Crossover

Made of military-grade fibre-glass boards, using hand selected match components, the 24db per octave three-way crossover boasts steep filter slopes providing excellent integration of high, mid & low frequency drive units; making sure the drive units work within there tolerances. This is the first time they have used a double-sided crossover, keeping the signal paths as short as possible, the board is soldered directly to the terminals of the speaker.

As with the other products in the fact series, the fact 12 also is can be adjusted with HF & LF boost switches. This was demonstrated to us & will help people get the best out them & better suit their own environments.


High density 35mm thick front baffle & 50mm base helping increase the cabinet rigidity. Additional bracing to the top panel, where the air pressure in the transmission line has been found to be very large.


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