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Sep 24, 2012
Millow, Beds
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Hi All,

Just got back from an interesting day at PMC Speakers HQ just over the road in Biggleswade as they announced plans to launch and distribute German electronics brand AVM into the UK marketplace. Now I read a lot of HiFi mags but I must admit I had never heard of AVM until today which after spending a day with the the guys from AVM and PMC I find this quite astonishing as worldwide they are a huge brand, especially in their home country of Germany, where they are pretty much one of the largest HiFi manufacturer’s, they really reminded me of a German version of our Naim Audio.

There are quite a few similarity’s to PMC, they are family owned and of a similar size of employees and are around 30 years old, a little older than PMC but share many of the same work ethics and especially strive towards accurate and neutral sounding products but still engage musically.

So it may seem strange to some that PMC have chosen to distribute AVM alongside their long time relationship with Bryston, this was my first thought but in reality both companies offer very different products for different solutions. I won’t go into too much detail here but the first thing you realise when you get up close and personal with AVM’s equipment is how well built and sturdy it is, I don’t know how the Germans do it but they really do push the boundaries on fit and finish and the overall feel of a product. After speaking to Udo Besser who is the owner of AVM he was very keen to mention also that their equipment is designed to be modular so once DAC or Streamer technology moves on then it is a very simple job of unplugging one small board and inserting a new board with the latest spec, I don’t know that many HiFi companies that offer that level of flexibility to be honest.

Now AVM do offer quite an extensive range of HiFi components covering most bases but PMC and AVM are quite aware that the best way forward is to build the brand slowly and steadily in the UK so they are starting by offering 4 key products that are AVM’s best sellers, basically to start with there are going to be 3 different levels of all in ones and a MM/ MC phono stage.

I will go into more depth at a later date but basically there will be the Inspiration Phono Stage at £699, the Inspiration CS 2.2 Streamer / CD Receiver all in one at £3995, then the Evolution CS 5.2 Streamer / CD Receiver all in one at £5750 and finally the Ovation CS 8.2 which is a Valve Streamer / CD Receiver all in one priced at £11,695.

As you can see AVM and PMC are starting with 3 all in one units that progressively offer more performance and refinement with the top of the line Ovation CS 8.2 bringing Valves to the pre-amp stage as well as 500 Watts Per Channel, streaming, CD Playback, DSD Dac’s + Tidal and Qobuz etc + more so this really in a highend all in one that will drive pretty much any speaker.

We listened to all 3 products + a media player into an integrated amp and it was clear to hear the performance increases through the range but the starter Inspiration CS 2.2 really did drive the PMC Twenty5.26′s with ease giving a lovely open and spacious sound with bags of detail and complemented the PMC speakers extremely well.

So that is the big news of the day and for us being such big PMC fans it was a really interesting one and to me it looks like PMC have found a brilliant untapped partner with AVM in the UK which I am still struggling to see why they haven’t been seen in the UK before but if PMC are behind AVM then I am really looking forward to getting the 4 products into HFL shortly to put them through their paces.

The big AVM / PMC launch is going to be at the Bristol HiFi Show this year in a couple of weeks but all being well we’ll have our demo stock before then. 

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and please find a link to AVM’s website below -

The 4 UK Launch Products -

Inspiration Phono Stage at £699

Inspiration CS 2.2 Streamer / CD Receiver all in one at £3995

Evolution CS 5.2 Streamer / CD Receiver all in one at £5750

Ovation CS 8.2 which is a Valve Streamer / CD Receiver all in one priced at £11,695




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