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Feb 22, 2010
New Malden, Surrey
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Resonessence had a very, very good reception with their very first DAC the Invicta, built around the amazing ES9018 and ES9016 DACs. Featuring an SD Card reader capable of 24/192 Flac playback. Twin headphone outputs with variable gain. On screen display with HDMI 720p output and the ability to use the DAC as a source or a very high quality digital pre amplifier. Development was continuous and the Invicta has now been improved upon and the Invicta Mirus has been born. The Invicta upgrade now sees the amazing ES9018 chipset also featuring on the headphone output along with the ES9018 being used for the main DAC board too. DSD playback and DXD playback is now as standard using DoP protocol 1.1.

If you are not going to ever use the Invicta's twin balanced headphone output then they also have an option for you with the higher quality Invicta Mirus. This still uses 2 x ES9018 DACs however they are being used in twin mono configuration with 1 DAC driving each channel. This lowers the overall THD and increases the dynamic range of the DAC.

If you are not going to require the SD Card, HDMI output, Pre Amplifier and optical inputs the Invicta Family offers you then the Concero Family is likely a better option. Currently with 3 products to the family, the first is the Concero Standard. This little lets you experience the truly stunning upgradeable DSP engine of the Invicta, including its proven Asynchronous USB Audio 2.0, outstanding jitter reduction capability and the proprietary Resonessence up-conversion filters delivering 176.4 & 192 from your 44.1 & 48 sources. The Concero can also be used as an ultra high quality USB - S/PDIF Bridge, converting your USB output to a virtually jitter free S/PDIF connection. To select the filters that Resonessence have included on the ES9023 DAC chip you can simply use an Apple TV remote.

The Concero Standard is unable to playback DSD at all and so it is recommended to purchase their Concero HD DAC. This stunning DAC offers the very latest is ESS technology with the introduction of the ES9018-2M chip it is the first ever DAC to use it. The Concero HD DAC is also capable of being used as a USB - S/PDIF bridge and Apple remote compatible.

If you don't have a HiFi system but you do own a PC/MAC the within the Concero Family is the Concero HP. Unsurprisingly the HP stands for HeadPhone and offers what the Concero HD offers but substitutes the rear RCA phono connections for a 3/4 inch headphone socket and a volume control. This is quite possibly one of the best headphone amplifier/DACs on the market at the price and offers the capability of listening to your collection from a small form factor product but still receive the performance of a full sized unit.



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