HIFI Royd Sorcerors in North London


Dec 7, 2021
Link: https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/thr...lnut-linn-kan-mk2-stands.271213/#post-4772976

I went to 2by2’s place and gave these speakers a listen.

For £600-650 thereabouts I don’t think you can do jazz/acoustics better. Snare drum snaps and string plucks sound unbelievably natural and effortless as if they were in the room. Much much better than second hand Dynaudio/ProAc/Tannoy/Rega/Amphion I’ve heard in this price range for those specific genres. I can imagine that reggae would be incredible on these as well - although they might be lacking for rock/types of music where there’s lots of instruments going on. The vocal midrange is warm having what I’d call an invitingly
smooth analogue/vinyl quality to it (as opposed to being ultra analytical/detailed). The acoustics are the primary defining strength of the speaker followed by vocals. They are decently free feeling at the top end, which I wouldn’t describe as airy or sparkly. For its small size there is quite a surprising amount of bass coming from these too. Which was the right amount for me. But as someone who isn’t a bass head I still think most people would be looking to pair these with a subwoofer.

Testing system was a Naim for reference.

I would have strongly considered giving these a shot if I didn’t have the ghost of a different speaker on my mind. Plus neither jazz or acoustic heavy tracks are my primary genres.

2by2 is a fantastic person and it was lovely meeting with them and talking about audio related things. Buy with confidence!

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