Server for Qobuz with or without Squeezebox ideas?


Apr 9, 2012
Hi Guys,

I'm a little lost and would appreciate your opinions on how I'd be best served. To give a little background I had previously used a laptop with LMS and a library of FLAC files serving a Squeezebox Touch as my primary source. My laptop broke and I couldn't really afford to replace it so upgraded my Spotify to premium and used that via the SBT. the sound was of adequate quality for my gear (although something like the Opals is an upgrade option later this year) but I found the interface a little tiresome and of course better sound is still a bonus even through my modest speakers.

I had always planned to either get some fancy NAS or new laptop but was actually a little shocked by the coast of a decent NAS and have since cancelled Spotify n favour of Qobuz. I am very happy with Qobuz and am now coming round to the idea that perhaps I don't really need any stored media and could count streaming as my only source, I was uneasy with the idea a year ago but I am coming around to subscription over ownership.

Unlike Spotify though unfortunately, as far as I can tell I can't run Qobuz through and therefore need a server (getting the unofficial app working was challenging enough for this technophobe.) I have to keep turning on the Mrs' laptop to access Qobuz through my SBT, given I don't require any library storage what could I use as a good server?

Ideally I'd like something:

  • silent and fast booting or that can stay on all the time
  • something pretty cheap
  • something that I can control via a remote app
  • something that requires very little computer knowledge ruling out the likes of Raspberry Pi

Or is perhaps the SBT limiting my quality and unnecessary with better options these days on the computer side of audio?

Thanks for any help.


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