SOLD: Abrahamsen V3.0 Preamplifier + V4.0 Power Amplifier


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Dec 18, 2015
Munich, Gerrmany
Roberto Avanzi
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I have decided to part with my Abrahamsen amplification. Bought in December 2015, it has served me for a few years, until I moved onto a completely different type of amplifier. The amplification consists of an Abrahamsen V3.0 UP Preamplifier and one V4.0 UP stereo Power Amplifier. I am not selling them separately. Pictures of the equipment can be seen here. The pics are old, but the amps look like new, with nary a scratch.

For those that do not know, Per Abrahamsen was one of the founders of Electrocompaniet, a company that he left in 2004, and that was acquired by West Control in 2007. He then founded Abrahamsen where he continued to design amplifiers based on the same principles. So these amps look very much like Electrocompaniet gear, and sound like Electrocompaniet gear as well. IIRC the preamp is very similar to a EC 4.6 preamp, and the power amp to a AW-220.

The amplifiers come in their original packaging with all the original accessories, except power cords (which I immediately replaced). I will throw in an XLR balanced connection with Van den Hul cable to connect the two separates. These are the "UP", i.e. upgraded, versions, with larger capacitance reservoir, higher bias current, faster diodes than the regular versions.

I originally paid them 12080 NOK, i.e. almost 1200 EUR at the time. I am asking for 650 EUR plus shipping to anywhere in Europe. It is a great opportunity to listen to the legendary Electrocompaniet sound at a fraction of the price of Electrocompaniet, even used.

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