SOLD sold, miserably on the bay :( Linn Axis turntable with LV-X arm and K9 cartridge



Mar 26, 2019
Northampton UK
David W Harris
HiFi Trade?
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sold on eBay for a piddling £253 :(
Linn Axis turntable with LV-X arm and K9 cartridge.

Plinth cleaned and waxed, excellent condition. Brand new 3rd party lid and new Linn hinges. LV-X tonearm was slightly damaged and has been repaired, see last pic, otherwise vgc, one tiny paint chip on collar. Arm bearings good. K9 cart has new looking stylus.

Main bearing cleaned and reoiled, new belt, sub platter has one tiny chip in plating, outer platter is excellent. Both speeds work perfectly and are spot on, tracking is spot on. All electrolytics on PCB have been changed. Motor is quiet. Mains on/off switch added on rear panel. Mains lead included.

The Bumf, skip if you know what the Axis is all about :)

"The Axis is a precision built, twin speed (33.3 rpm and 45 rpm) transcription turntable. It is mounted in a black veneered medite plinth, with a dark grey top-board and equipped with a moulded, hinged dustcover.

Platter - 12” diameter (305mm) aluminium diecast and accurately machined on all matching and visible surfaces. Weight approximately 1.5kg. The platter is supplied with a felt mat.

Bearing - Single point system running in an oil bath. The thrust pad which must support the weight of the platter on a single point is top grade steel, machined, hardened, ground and lapped to a mirror finish.

Motor - 24-pole precision synchronous low noise, high torque motor. Fully shielded and mechanically isolated from the main bearing assembly by resilient mounting and a damped, uniquely designed suspension system.

Speeds - 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm. Speed accuracy =0.1%

Motor Power Supply - Linn-designed 2-speed electronic ‘Class A’ power supply incorporating a stall detect circuit. This monitors the load on the motor from start-up and reduced the power supply to the motor once the correct speed has been achieved. It will also increase the power to the motor as required. When this happens the relevant LED on the switch will brighten to show increased power, and dim once power is reduced. Easily changed (internally) from 110V to 240V and will run on 50Hz or 60Hz without modification.

Suspension - Three silicone, custom moulded rubber mounts, providing isolation for both the turntable/arm from the motor/plinth, and the feet from the plinth. Easily adjusted to keep record platform level.

Top-plate : Heavy medite wood, laminated on both sides. Power Consumption : 8 Watts. Dimensions : W 445mm x D 349mm x H 140mm"

Located NN3 Northampton, looking for £400 ono including UK post.
I have rather good brand new double walled boxes for shipping, but to UK mainland only please.


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