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Sep 5, 2020
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Afternoon all,

I’ve decided to have a of change of direction and debating whether or not to go back to valves or something else. Im not entirely sure exactly what yet but I’ll need to raise funds either way so decided to sell my Sugden Masterclass ANV-50. I blame yesterdays visit to Cranage tbh so I make regret this 😬

It is 8 months old. I had to wait about 6 months for it to be built so I’m assuming there’s still a long-ish lead in for new units.

It is in absolutely mint condition and comes with the remote and all the packaging so I can post / send by courier at an agreed price if anyone is interested. I’m based in Stockport so collection is preferred and it’s being used daily so you can see it working before taking it away.

I can send photos of the back if anyone is seriously interested so message me if that’s the case. I’ve only not taken any now as I’d have to unplug the cables and swing it around and then put them all back in. Needless to say the back is unmarked and like new.

I opted for a custom finish in red with black controls and lettering. I’m no photographer and no matter how many times I tried I couldn’t get the majority of photos to show the colour correctly. Where the light shows on the front panel it makes the red seem really light when in fact it’s not so I’ve shown the colour swatch from Sugdens website so you can get a better idea of the true colour. The second photo with any light shadows is probably the closest to the real colour.

£3,299 excluding postage. Courier costs to be agreed.

Any questions welcomed.

623F970E-52AD-4429-AFAA-4FDAB5471A3E.jpeg 85F0259B-B8E7-4169-AD90-4D69F1FA8BAE.jpeg

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