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Oct 11, 2018
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I'm with you on the expense be damned approach to getting the very best sound quality I can from my system.

Where I differ is that I prefer the expense to be borne by other people and not me.
Yeah, won’t that be nice. But most of my kit is new


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Jan 11, 2017
Durham Uk
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You seem to have a lot of time on your hands? Business not good?

Maybe you should start selling Tranquility Pods 🤣😂🤪
I think there's always time in every day to remember not to take ourselves too seriously. I especially love it when others take the p*ss out of me, because it's one of those little things in life that keeps you grounded and stops you disappearing up your own backside.

I do business on my own terms, to my own values. Hopefully, in a few decades from now, it will be time for me to sit down in my rocking chair on the porch, with my Winchester across my lap, and look back on what I have and haven't done in my life. Right now, I believe it's unlikely that I will have any regrets about not selling Tranquillity Pods.

That doesn't mean that I have anything against the existence of such products, or people who sell them, or people who want to buy them, or people who want to talk about the enjoyment that they get from them. What I am against, though, is the idea that any critical thought about these products should be shut down.


Feb 1, 2022
HiFi Trade?
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You seem to have a lot of time on your hands? Business not good?

Maybe you should start selling Tranquility Pods 🤣😂🤪
Maybe he should just make a empty box which plugs into the mains and call it a quantum serenity box,yours for 799 gbp,make sure the instructions are in Linnguish only,this time next year he’ll be a millionaire rodder!

Chris 1970

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Aug 16, 2021
HiFi Trade?
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You seem to have a lot of time on your hands? Business not good?

Maybe you should start selling Tranquility Pods 🤣😂🤪

I think he's far too honest to do that.

Maybe he should just make a empty box which plugs into the mains and call it a quantum serenity box,yours for 799 gbp,make sure the instructions are in Linnguish only,this time next year he’ll be a millionaire rodder!

That's going anywhere……… Please have a beer together in a bar and calm down :)
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Dec 2, 2018
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Marty sez

"Politely - that there is nothing in that link to make me take the product even remotely seriously."

I absolutely agreed here. HTF could this do anything? But then i remembered back in the days the TV repairman came around every six months or so to change tubes etc. Does anyone remember him using a degaussing ring on the CRT? I do. He would wave it near the screen and rainbow patterns would initially appear on the screen. He'd wave it quite a bit and eventually these patterns would disappear (and the image was better? Dunno, i was a tyke). All I remember is after he did this the static electricity field that used to emanate from the screen didn't affect my arm hairs when brought close.

So, to sir franc

"I don't understand how inductive coupling will do anything. I can't see the unit being a transmitter as this would surely send power to whatever device you've placed it on, or under. If it's a receiver is it trying to lower the magnetic flux by converting it to a voltage and draining it away?"

I'm going to say it's something magnetic a la degaussing.

And as ESK said,

"Would love to see what's inside one of them."

Me too

The classic, and first, comment here was issued by beobloke who said:

"And don't worry, I'm an electronic engineer, so feel free to go into as much in-depth technical detail as you like!"

And i say, "Yes, please!", because i want to know what witchery emanates from these!

Rabski's point was well taken:

"Apparently, they interract with the electromagnetic fields in your equipment. In which case, assuming they have any effect whatsoever, you'd best hope your equipment does not contain any transformers."

So this afternoon, I've spent a fair bit of time feeling the boxes. I don't think either is any hotter than without pods, but i don't have the equipment to measure this effectively.

So, as Paul says,

"Synergistic Research has a policy of allowing you to try their products for 30 days, at which time you can return them for a full refund, so the risk is zero. They do make products that are controversial, yet in my experience that seem to work very well indeed."

Mine too....but how?

But i was moved by hearing a large contingent, not just Paul, saying they were good. As franc said.

"I don't understand your post. He owns the product being discussed so why can't he give his thoughts on it? Have you heard a system with it being used? If you have, what's your thoughts?"

So i put them on my eBay watchlist, and none appeared for six months, then a pair did for $400 each, delivered to Formosa. I figured if they didn't work i could sell them on.

Back to the thread, MVJ sez another chestnut, typos left for clarity:

"Is you believe thats fine Show us the science not all the fancy words that mean bugger all."

I wish I could, but this ain't a small result I'm hearing. I'm always WAY skeptical when beefy adjectives are tossed around regarding tweaks for already very good systems. This transformed my system. I can't quantify it, I can't sciencify that fact, but it is a fact to my ears, in my room, on my fairly good system.

"I can handle the truth it's the b-llsh-t that I can't"

But it just ain't, I'm sorry my friend, this is a massive improvement. You really should try one on the 30 day trial. I'd be more than happy if you came back, and said it did bupkis. Maybe you'd have wasted a bit of time on a hifi adventure, but i seriously doubt you will.

Cambs12 sez:

"Here, for what very little it's worth, is my opinion. All these sort of products are designed to exploit people's insecurities regarding what they are listening to, to suggest that true audio nirvana can only be achieved by adding a load of absolute garbage and to take as much money out of them as possible. Reminds me of evangelism."

This was one of the arguments that worked for me. That's why i waited until some cheap ones came up (the Cable Company, great outfit). I plopped them in place at 1pm, and set about other things until 2:30. I had a playlist that i had been using recently to find the sweet spot for my new speakers. I think i have my system sounding as good as my room will let it. No SPACE optimisation btw. So i had been listening hyper critically to half a centimeter movements, and their marginal improvements. I thought, "I hope i can hear what these thingies are doing after only an hour." Even then, it was profound.

To cambs i say, if you want to get closer to your music, try, don't buy, these. I'm hearing maybe a doubling of my soundstage. I'm hearing things I've never heard. Several tracks, things actually scared me as they were so "in the room". I am so much closer to the music. Deeper in the tune. On a fairly good system (before this).

"I have never tested any of these types of products, done any testing, blind, double or otherwise, so I don't have experience to conclusively draw from here. I never will, either, as with comparing sample rates or cables etc, I feel it would distract me from listening to music, and I would spend my time comparing, and playing tracks that would help with this, instead of just enjoying an album on its own."

Thanks MJV for saying:

"We wammers are lucky enough have some very clever bods on here and if they told me this gadget worked or that widget worked I would give serious thought to trying it out."

That's my idea of lighting up this debate again.

I agree a bit with Chris, I'm loath to get Selekt because i like my matching boxes, but first, they are out of the way on the floor, second, see the photo. They're relatively unobtrusive.

"Would I want this solution for my own system?

Still no, because……… the esthetics of the thing doesn't sweet me.

And like you, my common sens has a problem with it."

George is right here:

"What I find really annoying is when companies have a product and a sales pitch which is full of pseudo-scientific babble with lots of quantums, quantum tunnelling, and carbon tuning cells with different colours. REALLY? It is marketing, not an explanation."

Maybe, going back to my opening theory, this is old, unpatentable science, and they don't want competition? Plus marketing gonna marketing...

Rabski, honestly, you will be surprised. Pleasantly surprised. I was, and am, at the value $800 yanqui for two of them has wrought. Maybe just one for $400 on just one of my components will be huge too (sorry, i just said huge). Because they are so simple to add and subtract, i will be playing with this over time.

"I would be absolutely amazed if any electro-magnetic field devices had any effect, but either way, I wouldn't be in the market, because a few hundred pounds would pay for some nice components that would make (I guarantee) a bigger difference."

Toms wait said:

"Slightly off topic was it SR that did those trident tuning forks with the black paint at different lengths and the wavy wooden shaft? They went in to corners of the room.

I always thought they might be voodoofoo, never heard them but would struggle to explain them to none audiophile friends, ie all of them!"

No Tom, its WAY worse. I think they advocate sticking little sugar cube sized thingies on your walls. Maybe they needed this snake oil to get capital to start producing products like the pods?

We all should listen to the words of Countertenor:

"It is always fascinating to watch “scientists” making claims from a platform of empirical ignorance. How can you possibly know whether a product works or not without testing it in your own system?

Paul has taken a generous amount of time to share his positive experiences with Synergistic Research products, and there is a childhood playground pile-on. How is this adult or “scientific” behaviour?

As Paul made clear, SR products are available to audition for 30 days: why don’t you esteemed “scientists” get off your couch and make the effort to evaluate something for yourself so that you can speak from a platform of true knowledge rather than mere opinion?

I audition two Tranquility Pods back in early December. A local dealer posted their availability and a few posters who had tried them gave glowing reviews. This was on the Canuckaudiomart forum. I fully expected to be returning these small black boxes: it was my curiosity and boredom that set me out on this venture.

The weakness in my system of an Akurate Exakt system with 242 speakers was always weak bass and a thin sound. Room acoustics will always be an issue, but I have worked hard to correct what I can.

Anyways, I put one pod under the digital streamer and one under the ExaKtbox: WTF was my initial response. Where did all of that bass come from? As well, there were improvements to every aspect of the SQ spectrum. I immediately I immediately called the stereo shop and signed up for the three for two plus. When I picked it up, there were two more pods available to audition: what the heck. I put each one on an amplifier and what I noticed with the first two was increased across the board. It got better with being on for 72 hours. I have no idea how they work; they do magnificently in my system. The music is richer and fully. At low volumes, bass notes are punchy and can be felt. At higher volumes, bass notes punch clearly defined holes in the walls, and can be heard with my feet: this was not the case before the pods’ placement.
We listen with our ears, and only our ears should be the judge of how something sounds.
If any of you post about a product that you tried that has improved your SQ, I will entertain trying it out as well. I will not, like some of you, take to be-littling you and insulting you by saying or insinuating that your hearing is suspect, nor will I fall upon that tired phrase made by lazy “scientists “ that is must be expectation bias.
Would that some of you would do the same to show some respect to your colleagues who share the same passion as you."

My exact experience! Regarding many things, well said, reasonably said.

This thread, the outright naysayers, my main fears could be boiled down to Simon's comment:

"Having said that, there's no clear explanation as to what they are actually doing. If it's accepted that they are 'doing' something then what they are doing can only be one of two things; it's entirely a trick of the mind or that the circuit/components' actual functioning is being affected."

Nope, sorry, this is too massive for a trick.

"If the latter, then these components will not be working as the manufacturer intended. This would concern me, as this change in functioining may affect the component's life."

Which is why I would love a real pointy headed sciencey dude to actually figure this out. I looked, there is no UL or other standards association seal of approval on these.

And while Martin is right here

"The basis of science is to appropriately test hypotheses based on available knowledge. Were the waffle on the SR website submitted as justification for a research funding application I have zero doubt what the outcome would be. If SR can actually manage to put forward a credible explanation for what the product actually does and how this may improve my audio enjoyment then I might go to the trouble to try one."

I would say, don't wait. Try for free, if you're not as blown away as I am/was, ship 'em back....but please tell us! But please, somebody, tell me, am I cooking my kit?

But then Chris 1970 said this, and eight years ain't chump change.

"I would be concerned by "circuit/components' actual functioning is being affected" as you said.

But I suppose if they destroyed the product on which they sit, there would have been some heavy complaints from their customers, since all these years…

Less EMI wouldn't be bad for an electronic… ?"


"There seems to be as much 'belittling' and disrespect here as you complain about from others. It should also be pointed out that there is as much laziness in dismissing psychological bias as there is in relying on it as an explanation."

....all I can say is this is NOT small. In no way am I questioning the magnitude of what I'm hearing. It really isn't "it's just a bit better". It's more profound than any other, mostly much pricier upgrades I've thus far done in my life. But sorry, I can't "measure" it, but I'm not being fooled, I'm being amazed.

Back to reasonable Countertenor:

"Our hearing is affected by many factors; however, when someone posts a discussion of something with a solid argument, and explains in detail their experience, I, for one, have no reason to doubt them: I am not in their home listening to their stereo. Their argument may convince me to give something a try, or it may be something I am unwilling to spend money on. "

Which is pretty much all page 8 is. The $1500 number is tossed around a lot. I suggest you do the free, no obligation home demo. If you hear what I'm hearing, say thanks, but no thanks, and send 'em back. Then find however many you need on eBay etc. While it may seem sleazy, the audio world really needs the second hand buyers to facilitate upgraders. I took the counsel of those who said it was a worthwhile purchase and went straight to a pair for $800 delivered. Some dealer may be inconvenienced by the try and not buy approach, but I'm guessing, judging from the condition of mine, SR compensates them, and they can sell the demo units on at a good price for everybody? So all I'm saying in this bit is they can be had for about $400 per component being "treated"/podded, which makes this a different story money wise.

I'm gonna listen to these for a while, then yank them out, and see if this goodness goes away. I'm also gonna try just one. All I can say is I'm happy I have done this. It's half the cost of the new Linn Utopik upgrade, and from the scuttlebutt, at least as profound sonically. Given Paul had the SR gear and noticed a profound change by adding the Utopik, The pods will just keep on giving. But to the nattering nabobs of negativity, please, find out if these pods are doing damage to my equipment or causing cancer. I will keep feeling for extra heat, and will see if they affecting my WiFi.

Sorry to pull the stake out of this monsters heart! 20231205_200052.jpg
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