Thanks to everyone who came to our REL Open Day + Stereonet review of the day!

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Sep 24, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to our REL Open day last Saturday, after what seems like forever it was great to hold our first open day since 2019, I wasn't sure how it would go to be honest, especially with Covid still being out there and it was the middle of summer but as ever we had loads of people in with all 5 rooms busy, we even had the sim room going as that had 2 x REL's in there, just shows that you can't keep a good audiophile down and we all do love an open day.

All the rooms got a great reaction with some preferring our more modest offering upstairs, that room always sounds good + the 2 downstairs rooms where always buzzing with standing room only a lot of the time, thanks also for Rob and Dave from REL who where on hand with advice and generally to help make the day run smoothly.

I love open days, such good fun, I always say they are like a wedding day as you want to make sure you get round to everyone to make sure they are having a good time and see if they have everything they need, now we have started again I hope to have 2 more this year, one being our 10th Anniversary bash, so watch this space.

Stereonet Review!

Please find a really excellent article on the day done by our friend and Audiophile Steve Crowe who many of you will know as he has been to many of our open days, thanks mate, great article 👍

Thanks again all, until the next one.



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