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Mar 4, 2012
This is the Allnic L3000 line stage. If you are thinking about a preamp then I think you should hear it.


As the UK importer of Allnic I set the UK prices. Bucking the trend, I try and offer value and keep the numbers some way short of parity with the dollar. The cost is £8,495, cheaper I think than even european prices, and for that you get to join the Allnic family and get looked after like a personal friend. If the brand was with a bigger distributer, then arguably it would be the same as the dollar price so more like £11,900. Moreover, if this wasn't handbuilt by a small company of just 8 people with not a bean counter or dark grey suit in sight, it would probably cost more like £20,000. It's no surprise then that it compaerd VERY favourably with my flagship Conrad Johnson GAT, which funnily enough, retails for that exact sum. This isn't Allnic's top preamp of course, you have to go to the L5000 DHT for that but this is still one of the finest I have heard at any price.

What does it sound like ? Well imagine the dense, highly textured, beautifully emotive midrange of say a Kondo or a CJ, but then couple that with big extension and bandwidth and really alive dynamics like Audionote UK or a top flight solid state. Throw in almost spooky holography and a boundless layered soundstage, the sort you might find in an ARC Ref 40 or a good Shindo pre, and make the whole thing sound so totally natural and divorced from any inlking of electronics, circuit boards, electricity and hifi.

To be reviewed at the Wam very soon. Available for home demo. More reviews and details here:


"The L-300 is easily one of the most dynamic components I’ve ever heard, and we all know if you don’t have lifelike dynamics in your system, your music will never sound alive. With this line stage, recorded music takes on a visceral characteristic that I hear in live music. Just listen to how it plays a kick drum, or the sharp attack of plucked strings, or the way it plays a piano. Just like the H-3000 phono preamp, the L-3000 is dead quiet."

"The Allnic L-3000 linestage is without a doubt one of the very best in the world. "

"Two words jumped out at me from the very start with the L-3000 preamp: space and transparency. They portray spatial information in a way I have never heard before and it is transparent beyond anything I have ever heard. Having said, that I should also mention it’s very dynamic, reveals the nuances of music beautifully, has great scale, and has this incredible sound stage. Images are very precisely placed, tonal color is very good, and it has a wonderful way with the flow of music. There is no doubt this is a very, very special preamp. This is simply a preamp I will never forget."

"Just like it was with the H-3000, this is one area where the L-3000 sets new standards. In fact, it’s the way the L-3000 even further enhances your system’s ability to handle space. The combo of the L and H 3000 is simply better than any other soundstage I have ever heard before. They let each instrument or voice sound as though it’s coming out of its own source and three-dimensional space."

"Much of what made the Allnic L-3000 so immediately appealing was its tonality and spectral balance, which were spot on, revealing the interdependence of these two important traits. There was lavish tonal color -- not clumsy coloration but the tinting that, as with photography, gives what's captured the glory of the real thing. "


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