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Mar 17, 2009
Leven,United Kingdom
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Good evening

Please find our newest pre-owned listing.

Lots of new additions this week. Wammers get free delivery and all come with a 5-year warranty unless otherwise stated.

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p: 01333 425999




Audio Note OTO SE (Phono) Integrated amplifier. This is a 2006 vintage and has been upgraded to include the internal phono stage. It also has unity gain option. Total prioce new with options is around £3000. Mint, boxed one owner. £1495.00

Mark Levinson no.431 power amplifier. Boxed in as new condition being only 3 months old. There are some great reviews around for this amplifier which costs new in the region of £6000. Be very quick at only £2995.00

full review here

Deltech DPA50S power amplifier. (complete with Deltech 500S Slink speaker cable. Boxed, manual etc. (£990) £495.00

MacIntosh MA6500 integrated amplifier. Boxed in MINT (as new condition), one owner from new(2 years old) . Great reviews and a bargain at only (£3895) £2195.00

full reviews here

Bel Canto ref 1000 mono blocks. Absolutely mint condition having only had one very careful owner from new. Original boxes and packing. (£5395) £1895.00 SOLD

full review here

Bel Canto P3 pre amplifier. Mint (as new) condition. One owner, original box/packing/manual. Fantastic reviews. (£1795) £895.00 price includes a 5-year warranty SOLD

Vitus SS-010 world reference integrated amplifier. This costs new a staggering £13500 and is offered in as new, unmarked condition with original box/packing/manual etc. This is the latest mk2 model. It is just 12 months old and apart form buying new, this is as close as you can get for almost half price. 5-year warranty included. £6995.00 SOLD

full spec hereaward winning review here

MBL 7008 Integrated amplifier. One owner, boxed, manuals. As new condition. Brilliant reviews and regarded as one of the very best integrated amplifiers currently available. (30-day money back guarantee for the new buyer)(£6500) £4878.00

full spec and reviews here

Audio Zone AMP 2 50w monoblocks. These offer one of the most neutral sounds you will ever hear and are regarded by many as the holy grail in amplification. Please read some of the amazing reviews and then grab yourself an audio bargain! Cost new £1895 - probably the lowest price in the UK £799.00 SOLD

full spec here (includes links to reviews)

ATCSIA2-150 Integrated amplifier. One owner from new and only a few weeks old (customer upgraded to an active ATCsystem). Boxed in mint condition. Amazing reviews and sound (£2376) grab yourself a bargain at only £1595.00 SOLD

full spec here

Naim NAC 82 pre. One owner from new in excellent condiiton with original box and packing. bargain at only £995 SOLD

Naim NAP 250 power amplifier. One owner from new in excellent condition. Unmarked conditon, with original box and packing. Only £995 SOLD

Naim HiCap for use with above. Excellent (as new) condition and only one owner from new. a real bargain at only £349

Linn Classik all in one system. In excellent condition (2007 vintage). Boxed, manuals - finished in silver. (£1199) bargain at only £449.00

Eastern Electric MiniMax Pre/power combination. One owner from new (supplied new by ourselves in unmarked as new condition) only 2 months old with 5-year warranty. Stunning performance and amazing reviews. (£2195) £1395.00

links to spec and reviews here and here

Linn Klimax Solo 500 mono blocks. One owner from new and only ever handled with white cotton gloves. Original boxes, packing, manual. Unmarked mint (as new) condition. Very rare costing new today nearly £8000 each (£16000 for the pair). Be very quick at £4995 for the pair. (current spec) SOLD

full spec here

MBL6010D Reference Pre amplifier. One owner from new in black. Probably one of the best pre-amplifiers available in the world. (£16800) £7495.00

full spec here including links to reviews.

Quad II Eighty Valve mono blocks. One owner from new, in unmarked condition, stunning performance and great reviews. Original box/packing. 5-year warranty for the new owner. (£6000) £3795

full spec here

Quad II Forty valve monoblocks. One owner from new. Mint condition. These are fantastic sounding monos and amazing value. 5-year warranty for the new owner. (£4000) £1995.00 SOLD

full spec here

Melody SP3 valve integrated. One owner from new and only a few months old. 36w of valve heaven. (read the Ken Kessler review - link below). 5 -year warranty for the new owner. (£1195) £495.00.

link to Ken Kessler review here

ASTINtrew AT1000 and AT5000 pre and power amplifiers. Ex-dem in silver. In as new condition. Stunning performance. (£1264) £795.00

full spec hereand here

Audio Analogue Puccini Settanta rev2.0 integrated. Ex-dem, finished in black and in as new condition. (£1449) £795.00

full spec here

Audio Analogue Verdi Cento integrated (current spec). Ex-dem, finished in black and in as new condition. (£1599) £1045.00

full spec here

Chord SPM 1200B power amplifier. Finished in black, this unit is in excellent condition. 250w into 8ohms. Boxed and a 5-year warranty. (£3650) £1395.00 SOLD

Counterpoint SA-12 Hybrid Stereo Power Amplifier. This dual channel tube/mosfet power amplifier is one of these amplifiers that you forget how good it is until you hear it again !! The SA-12 employs four 100W MOSFETS per channel in the power stages, while all voltage amplification and output stage drivers are valve circuits

(two ECC88s/6DJ8s per channel). The advantages are both musical and practical, because the valves offer their sonic merits where they matter most, while the MOSFETS -- easily driven by the valves -- can almost emulate the classic tube sound while delivering greater current than an all-valve design could muster. (£1250) Only £395.00

full review here

Radford 'Renaissance' MA50 monos and SC25 pre. A rare opportunity to purchase a pair of MA50 monos and matching SC25 pre. These have come from the original owner from new and are in excellent condition with only some slight brassing to the handles. New EL34's and ECC82's, original boxes and packing - these are in almost as new condition and a credit to the original owner. Probably not a better example available anywhere. 5-year warranty for the new owner. There is also a treasure trove of documentation, including the original brochure from 1989 and also the original invoice from Woodside Electronics. In 1989, these cost new£3000, which would probably equate to £10000 today. £1495.00

GamuT D150 Integrated Amplifier. Rare model in the Black Finish. Just over two years old in as new condition. Many reviewers often refer to this as the best one box amplifier in the world. Imense soundstage, seamless presrentation with an uncanny life-like sound are all the hallmarks of this amplifier.(£7995.00) Our Price £3495.00

full review here

Kora Explorer 90Si Valve Hybrid Integrated amplifier. One owner from new in black. Great reviews (see link) and an amazing sound. Excellent condition. Cost new £895. Baragain price £285.00!

review here

KR Audio Antares VA320. 300B heaven amplifier! Zero feedback 20w/ch. Stunning and trully engaging sound that only 300B's can muster. Great reviews (see link) and only 2.5 years old with all original packing and shipping crate. Cost new today is around £6000, so grab yourself a bargain. £2795.00

review heremanufacturers website here

Eastern Electric M520 Integrated Amplifier. in fantastic condition. This amplifier has been reviewed to very high acclaim, andhas a quite exceptional presentation with the EL34 valveas its base and pure Class A output. It is complete with the aluminium full function remote control, packing and manual. We have been astonished at the sonic performance of this amplifier, humbling many a unit at far higher price points. (Cost new £1950)£895.00 witha 5-year warranty.

full reviews hereand here full specification here

Quad 909 Power Amplifier. One owner. Unmarked, boxed, manuals. (£999.95) £625.00

full spec and reviews here


Mark Levinson 390s cd player (upgrade from 39) boxed in excellent condition. One owner, just had a full service including a brand new transport mech. 5-year warranty for the new owner. (£5395) £1995.00 SOLD

Consonance Reference CD 2.2 Linear (MKII) cd player. In trully outstanding condition (unmarked) with original box/packing etc. This costs new £1595, so at £799 is nothing less than a bargain. SOLD

full spec here

Teac P30 CDTransport. (Part of the Esoteric Range)Boxed in as new condition - absolutely mint. This is regarded as one of the very best CD transports available. Manufactured late 2003 and is possibly one of the newest currently for sale. The new cost was around £3800 and with our 5-year warranty, £1395 is incredible value for money.

Audia Flight CDOne. World reference cd player with Philips CD Pro mech. Only a few months old in as new condition. Boxed, manual. (5-year warranty). (£3595) our price only £1995.00

full spec here

MBL 1531 CDplayer. One owner from new in as new (mint) condiiton. Great reviews and a true reference player. (£8350) £4595.00

review hereand herefull specification here

Resolution Audio CD55. Excellent condition in black (slight mark on the front left hand edge- very very minor). Stunning performance. cost new £2895, so nothing less than a bargain at £795.00 (Includes 5-year warranty) SOLD

Xindak DAC8 Valve output DAC. The Xindak DAC-8 can improve the data stream of common CD into 24Bit/192KHz. It up-samples CD data signal (which are recorded in PCM format) and then decodes it to get more precision, improved dynamics and high frequency extended range to enrich the layer of music. Ex-demo unit in mint condition. (£995) £795.00

full spec here

Lyngdorf CD-1 cd player. Incredible reviews and stunning performance. Only a few weeks old in mint (as new) condition. New price is £1895. Grab yourself a bargain at only £1195.00. SOLD

full spec here

Audio Analogue Paganini 192/24 rev2.0 cd player. Ex-dem in black. As new condition and sold with full 5-year warranty. (£1449) £SOLD

full spec here

Trichord Digital Turntable, Pulsar DAC, Pulsemaster and DAC external PSU.4 box-Trichord CD player, Transport= Digital Turntable a legendary systemin its ownright - sensational for this price. This was the CD reference for many vinyl users. This is also a very highly modified set up (see attached link at the bottom), The cost new (including the mods) was £3643.00. The transport works perfectly, however it will come with a 3 month warranty. The electronics (in good condition with a few minor marks)will come with a 12 month warranty. Our price £795.00.

upgrade document here

dCS Elgar Plus DAC / Preamp. Wonderfully revered DAC in quite excellent condition. This is the later 'Firewire' model which allows additional connecton from PC or MAC sources. If you are in the market for a tight and accurate sound with that elusive trulymusical presentation then look no further. (£10,000) £2895.00

full review here

Marantz CD17 mkII CD player. Excellent condition in silver with original box, packing manual. Incredible value for money at only £279.00

full spec here

dCS Verona Master Clock. One very careful owner from new. Original box, packing and manual. The reviews and reputation speak for themselves.Price includes a 5-year warranty (£6000) £1795.00

review here

McIntosh MCD201 SACDplayer. One owner from new in outstanding condition with original box/packing. Great reviews. Built in pre-amp, so can be used directly into a power amplifier. (£3495) £1695.00. SOLD

full review here


Martin Logan Aerius i loudspeakers. Excellent condition, finished in light oak. Located in Manchester, no boxes so collect only. £995.00

Pass Labs XVR1 high end active crossover. Boxed in as new condition. Only dealer used. this is a 2-way active with power supply unit. Cost new is £4495, amazing value at £1795.00

Feastrex D9NF drivers complete with ultra rare Urushi lacquer phase plugs (These cost £600 alone). Cost new is £5600 as new condition £2995.00

Ruark Prelude speakers, finished in Yew, these are vistually in as new condiiton. One local owner, fantastic sound and a bargain at only £299! no boxes, so collection only.

Neat Ultimatum MF-9 speakers. Finished in Figured Birch. Excellent condition with original crates etc. These have had some incredible reviews and cost new £10000! Available at only £3995 with a 5-year warranty.

full spec here (including links to reviews)

Quad ESL 63 loudspeakers. Probably the best pair currently available, Only one owner from new in outstanding condition. Serviced by Quad in 2006. Natural wood finish with brown cloth. Comes with dedicated stands. £995.00

Martin Logan Vantage Loudspeakers. 2 years old in MINT condition with original box and packing. Dark cherry finish. Great reviews. (£5300) amazing value for money at £2495 with a 5-year warranty. SOLD

full spec here

Ref 3a Dulcet Loudspeakers. Simply as new (unmarked) in high gloss cherry. There are some fantastic reviews on these speakers and they cost new a very reasonable £1900.00 only a few months old and be quick at £995!

full review hereand here

ProAc Response 3.5 speakers in rosewood. One owner from new, with original boxes/packing. Excellent condition and a bargain at only £1295.00.

manufactuers brochure here

Usher S-520 award winning loudspeakers. One owner in as new (MINT) condition with original boxes, packing.Cherry wood finish. (£395) £225.00 SOLD

full spec here

ATC SCM 20-2 ASL Active Loudspeakers. One owner from new in unmarked (mint) condition. Hugely capable and musical with perfectly matched amplification - the perfect synergy. (price includes new Acoustic Sig 404 stands)(£3778) £2495.00 SOLD

Adam Audio Pencil (Passive) speakers. Dark cherry, boxed in excellent condition and a 5-year warranty. folded ribbon technology and HexaCone woofers. Accelerated Ribbon Technology, or ART, is a unique folded ribbon tweeter designed to provide all of the advantages of traditional ribbon tweeters with none of the drawbacks. £4000 new, so £SOLD is very good value to say the least.

full spec hereand here

B&W802D speakers. One owner from new in cherry. Boxed, mint condition. The reviews speak for themselves. Agreat opportunity. (£9000) £SOLD

review here

Wilson Benesch ARC speakers in black with matching black stands. One owner from new, mint condition, original boxes and packing. (£3495 inc stands) £1595.00 SOLD

reviews herefull spec here

Linn Espek Loudspeakers with Kustone Bases. Excellent condition in cherry. One owner from new and a 5-year warranty for the new owner. (£2895) a bargain at £895.00

reviews here

Linn Katan Loudspeakers. Finished in Ash black, excellent condition, one owner from new. (£800) £395.00

full spec here

Zingali ZZ 1.12 Twenty Subwoofer (Anniversary model). One owner from new. Unmarked as new condition with original box and packing. Cost new £3000 and a bargain at £995.00. SOLD

full spec here

ATC C6 1kw active subwoofer. Finished in upgrade rosewood. One owner from new in excellent condition. cost new £5957 our price £2695

full spec here

Heco Celan 300 speakers. From the legendary German manufacturer (est 1946), these have had some incredible reviews. Boxed and unused. They are finished in the premium dark cherry and cost new £670. A bargain at only £295.00. SOLD

full review here

ATC EL 150 SLP. A rare opportunity indeed. Only 30 pairs of these will ever be manufactured (These are no 11 of 30). Our ex demonstration pair in unmarked condition, complete with the original wooden crates. These also come with a lifetime warranty for the first owner. (£26393) £POA SOLD

full spec here

Audio Physic Sitara Loudspeakers. Finished in Rosenut. These are unmarked with original Packing, Boxes and Literature. Recently 'Highly Commended' by Hi-Fi News, these loudspeakers feature the new Hyper Holographic Drivers giving wonderful imagingproperties,and offering great drive and pace as well. (£2000) £1395.00

full review here manufacturers website here

Tannoy Mercury F4 Custom Floorstanding Loudspeakers. These 91dB loudspeakers punch way, way above their weight, with a huge 3 dimensional soundstage and marvellous articulation. Finished inDark Oak, and presented with original boxes, packing and documentation. (£380.00) £195.00

full review here

Quad ESL989 speakers. Stunning in Classique finish. One owner from new and a 5-year warranty for the new owner. Original box and packing. (£5500) £1895.00 SOLD

Audio Physic Virgo III. In almost as new condition having had one extremely carefull owner from new. Original boxes and packing. Stunning in cherry. (£4500) £1695.00 SOLD

full review here

ATC SCM19 in Cherry, one owner, as new. (£1524) £995

full spec and links to a number of reviews here

ART Emotion Signature Speakers. One very carefull owner from new. Unmarked condition with original boxes / packing. Finished in cherry. Cost new £9000, a true audio bargain £4995.00 SOLD

great review here

ATCSCM40 Loudspeakers. One owner from new, 18 months old, finished in cherry. Boxed, manuals and balance of 6-year warranty. Slight mark on bottom edge and rear edge (£2044) £1395

full spec here

Quad ESL989 speakers. One owner from new in the premiumNouveau finish. Boxed in excellent condition. Please note that unlike any other pre-owned 989 available, this price includes a 5-year warranty for the new owner - giving complete peace of mind, making these a bit of a bargain!. (£5500) £1895.00 SOLD

download a brochure hereStereophile review hereAbsolute Sound review here

Audio Physic Scorpio boxed in Cherry, one owner from new, excellent condition. (£3800) £2495

great Stereophile review here

Klipsch P-39F Flagship Palladium Speakers. These are simply breathtaking and have recently had a stunning review by Stereophile magazine (link below). Ex-dem with a few minor marks. Finished in the Merlot veneer. (£14798) £POA

link to full spec and Stereophile review here

Audio Physic Scorpio II - Latest model, finished in cherry, ex-dem, unmarked condition. (£3773) £POA

full spec hereincludes links to reviews

ATC SCM 50 ASL active speakersin Yew, one owner, unmarked. Current spec (£8500) £5695

full spec here


EAR834P Deluxe Phono Stage. Boxed in as new condition. One owner. (£1500) £795.00

Hadcock GH 242 Export Cryo. Boxed in excellent condition, this has had one owner from new. New price is £945, has to be great value at £495.00

full spec here

Eastern Electric Minimax Phono Stage. This probably holds a record (no pun intended) for the most outstanding reviews of any product currently available. Boxed in unmarked condition. One owner from new, only months old. Simply sensational (£1495) £879.00

full spec here

Quad QC 24P Phono stage. This is a mint one owner example and is as new. Great reviews. (£1200) £795

full spec here

Luxman PD-300 Vacuum Turntable with SME3 tonearm. Complete will all mauals/paperwork. A rare item in almostnew condition. (photographs available) - in this condition and provenance a real find. £795.00 (can be collected from the Croydon area if required) SOLD

Linn Linto Phono stage Pre-amp. Boxed unused. Cost new is £1180, in black and a huge saving at only £675.00 (5-year warranty included). SOLD

full spec here

Van Den Hul Colibri XGP - regarded by many as the finest MC cartridge in the world. Full gold coils model. This is NEW, unused and represents a real opportunity (5 year warranty included). Cost new is £4500.00 our price £2495.00

full spec here

Whest PS20 complete with MSU20. One owner from new, stunning 2-box phono stage in black, original box and packing. Incredible reviews. (£1299) £595.

Brilliant Stereophile review here

Mains Conditioning

ISOL-8 Cleanline2 Mains Conditioner. One owner from new. Latest model from designer Nic Poulson. Finished in Silver with Blue LED. Immaculate with Original boxes, packing and manuals. 10A maximum current with 6 outlets - sockets 1 & 2 are specifically designed for power amplifiers, with sockets 3 to 6 for source components.(£400) Only £269. SOLD

PSAudio Power Plant Premier. One owner from new. Boxed, manuals, unmarked condition. A bargain at only £995.00

full spec here

Vertex Silver Plus Jaya. One owner from new in excellent condition. The reviews speak for themselves. Grab yourself a bargain. (£560) £349.00 SOLD

full spec here

Isotek Titan, One owner from new, original box and packing. Unmarked condition. (£1695) £825.00.

full spec and links to reviews here

Vertex AQ Taga - 6-way distribution mains filter. Great reviews. One owner from new, unmarked. (£868) £595

full spec with links to reviews here

Isotek GII Minisub. boxed in as new condition, one owner. (£599) £350 SOLD

full spec here

Vertex AQ Jaya, boxed with manual, some very slight marks, one owner. (£302) £225

reviews are here

Isotek GII Minisub, boxed new, unused. Huge saving on new price. (£599) £425

full spec here - Pictures hereSOLD

Isotek Premium Mains Cable, boxed as new - 1.5m - Three Core Annealed Oxygen Free Copper for better signal transmission - (£75) £49 - Pictures hereSOLD


Vertex AQ Mini Moncayo Speaker Links. Set of 4 Links with the 80 x 65 x 30mm acoustic absorbtion module - These links are simply sensational. (£540) £395 SOLD

full spec here

Chord Signature speaker cable. One owner from new, boxed, as new. 2.5m amazing reviews. (£695) £395

full spec and reviews here

Vertex AQ HiRez Solfonn XLR interconnect. 1.5m. 8 months old. Original Technology demonstrator for the new HiRez range of cables. As new condition, stunning performance. (£2990) £995!

full spec here

HMS Sestetto Mk2 XLR Digital Cable Wonderful digital aes/ebu cable with original box and packing. 1m Length, 110ohm - £95.00 SOLD

Transparent ReferenceDigital XLR (110ohm AESEBU)- Red Sleeve - 2 Metres cost new £1092, huge saving at £395.00

TransparentReference Digital XLR (110ohm AESEBU)- Red Sleeve - 1 Metre cost new £856, bargain price £349.00

Transparent Reference XL Balanced Interconnect - 2.2 Metres cost new a staggering £6999 - visit true high end for only £1250

Transparent MusicLink Super RCA - 1 Metre cost new £429 a snip at only £195

Transparent MusicLink Super RCA - 2 Metre - new price was £519, huge saving at only £259


Finite Element Segment XRack, (£400) finished in black and silver. Afew minor marks (very very minor). Comes complete witht he 5 piece dedicated spike set (£200). One owner, assembled once (only a few monthsold) £349.00

full spec here

Solid Tech Discs Of Silence. Box of four, new unused. (£200)£99.00

full review here


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