Using your Naga chilli's

Pierre The Bear

Sep 19, 2009
Hi all.

I've been asked for some recipes and how to do's etc for the naga's

This is the first time I have enjoyed them too but I've got 3 curries under my belt now and I'm doing 2 more tonight so hoping soon to be able to provide you all with a good curry recipe or 2.

In the meantime please observe a few simple things.

I know it's stating the bleeding obvious but please don't fuck around with these they WILL burn your skin and heaven forbid your eyes if you scratch them. I strongly recommend you use food safe gloves if you want to touch them or simply use tongs and rinse them after. I have sensitive skin and my face was itching just weighing them out.

Please don't use too much. Again obvious but think of them as a tea bag, the longer you leave it in the stronger it gets.

A good idea it to soak the dried naga in hot water for an hour and grind it into a paste. That way you know that the paste will not get hotter (per gram of naga paste) than it already is so you have better control over the heat of your dish.

If you add dried naga's to your curry it will get hotter and hotter and hotter the longer you leave them in and no real way of knowing how hot it will actually end up.

Remember the spice club advice tip for all things spicy. You can always add a bit more if you want it hotter but once it's in you cannot take it out. Don't ruin your curry and don't scratch your arse.

Hopefully good recipes to follow soon.....


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