SOLD Victor(Jvc) XV-D9000 CD/DVD Audio Player with Extended K2 Interface RRP£2500!



Victor(Jvc) XV-D9000 CD/DVD Audio Player with Extended K2 Interface RRP£2500!.Listed for sale is an high.end CD/DVD A payer which was designed and built to the highest audio/video standards.
Featuring the highly acclaimed JVC proprietary K2 Extended Processor, it is capable of producing fantastic sonic quality when using it as a CD Player, suffice to say, this is not just another ordinary digital player. It is simply unadulterated!Comes with original remote ,the unit is in fantastic condition with minor light sign of use,original manual(japan print),power cable.You will need a step down transformer in order to be able to use it outside Japan(100v).Now im using a very high quality step down transformer from Airlink Transformers( Uk company).Price is £900 ONO,Im based in London.NO RETURN,NO REFUND PLS

Disc formats: DVD, CD, VCD, DVD-A

Audio formats: PCM, DD, DTS

Dynamic range: 100dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.0015%

Line output: 2.5V

Digital Output: Coaxial, Optical

Video Connections: Component, SVHS, Composite

Dimensions: 436 x 125 x 391mm

Weight: 13.1kg

Year: 2001

Orlando, FL Press Expo, February 3 -- 4, 2001, was the launch of the XV-D9000 DVD Audio/Video Player, versatility designed for use with DVD Audio, DVD Video, CD, and Video CD. The XV-D9000 offers compatibility with leading DVD Audio formats, Extended K2 processing, Progressive Scan Output and is armed with the latest technologies to perform to with zero interference, zero vibration and zero resonance.

Superb Design Makes XV-D9000 Universal Favorite

JVC's XV-D9000 boasts a 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. Audio digital-to-analog converter compatibility with 192kHz/24-bit and 96kHz/24-bit DVD Audio formats. This harmony with the new format in DVD Audio enables the XV-D9000 to deliver super fidelity while the exclusive 4th order noise shaper (VANS) effectively eliminates noise by shifting it away from the audible range. Circuits for the front left and right channels are constructed separately to achieve a superior dynamic range of over 115 decibels.

Impressive Audio and Video

For spectacular audio, the XV-D9000 offers built-in Dolby Digital/DTS surround sound decoders. This DVD Audio/Video player also offers 5.1 channel output, as well as optical/ coaxial digital outputs for PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS. For enhanced video it offers THEATER position in three steps, resume/angle functions and on-screen display of two languages (English/ French).

Famous Extended K2 Processing Replicates Original Music

JVC's new DVD Audio/Video player achieves superb richness and depth by using JVC's algorithmic Extended K2 Processing to scientifically "fill in" the absence of higher musical frequencies, which are lost during the compression process of condensing music to the PCM digital format. Higher frequencies, which are eliminated from the narrow bandwidth due to constraints on upper limits of recordable frequencies, are precisely re-generated using high-bit/high-sampling processing.

Solid Construction For Zero Interference, Vibration, and Resonance

JVC's XV-D9000 DVD Audio player is built to deliver zero interference, zero vibration and zero resonance. To cut mutual interference, the unit's circuit blocks are divided into five blocks, which are physically and functionally independent. The analog circuits feature a sub-chassis construction and an exclusive power supply with an R-core transformer to keep audio signals pure and clean. The unit is protected from undesirable vibrations and external influences via a 3.2mm-thick steel bottom plate and aluminum frame. The disc tray is airtight to create a hermetic seal, which reduces the effect of external vibrations.


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Mar 12, 2013
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I can’t believe this is still for sale ..
The build quality and musicality of this machine is on par with CD players costing many many times more at this price ..


I can’t believe this is still for sale ..
The build quality and musicality of this machine is on par with CD players costing many many times more at this price ..
It is fantastic player, as good as my 5k£ Esoteric that I had in the past.
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