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Triangle Launch New Reference Loudspeakers

The Australe EZ Reference loudspeaker is Triangle’s latest and largest addition to the Esprit range. The loudspeaker boasts unmatched technological innovations that deliver a unique performance.

Triangle has integrated their Dynamic Pulse System (DPS) technology which was previously reserved for their higher-spec Magellan range. An additional rear tweeter emits a higher frequency, without any crossover distortion at the front. The technology also improves soundstaging so the loudspeaker can be placed anywhere in the room and still deliver the best sound.

Both the bass driver and cabinet have been manufactured to reflect years of expert development. The bass driver boasts a wood pulp and carbon fibre diaphragm to guarantee high rigidity and low mass. An oversized ferrite and voice coil makes up the motor, allowing it to go down to 29Hz.

Inside the Australe EZ, the filters have been separated into two PCBs (one for high/medium frequencies, the other for low frequencies) to prevent electromagnetic interference. A multi-line internal cable that features in Triangle’s Signature range has also been chosen, to improve signal quality.

The Australe EZ also has a brushed aluminium terminal block and allows for bi-wiring and bi-amping. The loudspeaker features a glass pedestal with perforated rubber feet to ensure a stable cabinet that disperses vibrations.

Triangle’s newest loudspeaker is set to retail at £3,295 and is available in stylish High Gloss Black or High Gloss White. The Australe EZ can be pre-ordered now from Elite Audio in the UK.

Technical Specifications

Number of ways: 3
Cabinet system: Bass-reflex
Woofer: 3x165mm / 3×6,5”
Midwoofer: 1x165mm / 1×6,5”
Tweeter: 2x25mm / 2×1″
Frequency range (+/- 3dB Hz-KHz): 35-22
Sensitivity (dB/W/m): 92,5
Nominal impedance (Ohms): 8
Minimum impedance (Ohms): 3,3
Power Handling (Watts): 150
Repetitive peak power (Watts): 300
Low frequency roll-off (Hz): 310
High frequency roll-off (Hz): 3900
Woofer crossover process: 3rd order
Midwoofer crossover process: 2nd order
Tweeter crossover process: 4th order
Terminal: Bi-wire
Dimensions (WxDxH): 200x370x1130 mm / 7.87×14.56×44.48 inch
Dimensions with pedestal (WxDxH): 300x460x1170 mm / 11.81×18.11×46.06 inch
Unit net weight: 38.8 kg / 85.53 lbs
Unit gross weight (lbs) paint finish: 43.4 / 95.68 lbs

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