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Wychwood Audionics F3 Foo Free Mains Filtration

I am biased as I already own a Wychwood mains filter, but this news has really interested me. Read below for the full details and contact Purite North for more information.



F3  – Foo-Free Filtration

News Release:  Wychwood Audionics introduces Foo Free Filtration at a budget price!

Since 2007 ‘Wam-perennials, Wychwood Audionics have made mains filters with a difference.  Small, but broad-spectrum, high current devices, which starkly contrasted with prevailing audiophile filter designs with their current-strangling  chokes and large, rack-hungry casework.

Their uncompromising approach won them friends – and even venture capital investment, but pushed prices ever-higher…  Now they’ve introduced the F3 MDU – a versatile filter on a budget.


The F3 MDU is a back-to-roots product for Wychwood – simple, powerful, compact and comprehensive.  Distilled down to the essentials, it eliminates superfluous contacts to improve current flow.  Wychwood claim dynamic headroom of even the most powerful components is unrestricted, while industry standard noise and interference rejection should let systems perform as their designers intended.

The F3 is a no-nonsense, high-performance mains distribution unit
►  designed to minimise unnecessary
components & maximise current
►  protects you, your equipment,
& your home
►  better sound!
►  affordable
►  no added bullshit


F3 features
● Up to 16 Amp / 3kW capacity
● Self-indicating surge protection
● ultra-safe RCBO circuit breaker
● 16 Amp RFI/EMI noise filter
● Strong aluminium enclosure – screens & protects
● AcoustiFeetTM vibration isolation
● 8 unswitched sockets – no unnecessary switches
● Earthing post for system grounding
● IEC inlet socket so you can choose your own lead
● All hard-wired
● Slim and discrete – needs no precious rack space
● CE certified, fully British Standard & IEC compliant
● Green too:  RoHS & WEEE compliant + negligible energy use
● British Made  –  to BS-EN9001
● Bargain!


The Wychwood Audionics F3 costs just £179 – this is 2-and-half times cheaper than the closest comparable Russ Andrews’ product: “The Silencer Block” which has 2 less outlets, no self-indication for the surge protector, a more basic RFI filter, no RCBO, and no AcoustiFeet – for £436!


F3 MDU is available exclusively from purité north :  www.puritenorth.co.uk
email : admin@puritenorth.co.uk   answerphone : 01757 706 372




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