For Sale Inspire Monarch 2.1 turntable + Origin Live Conqueror Mk 4 12 inch tonearm + Cadenza Bronze

For Sale


Jan 4, 2015
HiFi Trade?
  1. No
This is possibly something I’ll come to regret…….

I bought the Monarch direct from Inspire in January last year, the modded Cadenza Bronze from a fellow Wammer last July (see below for the mods), and the Conqueror from Analogue Seduction in October (to replace the original Inspire X200 arm).

Vinyl is very much a secondary source: I don’t have any more than 70-80 LPs to my name. I may put on a record every 2-3 weeks, but most of the time I just hit shuffle in Roon and see what comes up. It’s occurred to me that having a more or less £10K analogue source is a bit overkill for my purposes, and in fact it has crossed my mind that I may just sell all my records later in the year.

The Cadenza has been retipped and modified by Kilian at Holistic Audio, as below. It came to me with no more than 120 hours on the clock.

‘As well as a new FGS stylus, Kilian cleaned the cartridge internals (often found with micro-particles of metal due to the magnets) and ran his suite of 6 tests which included optimising the alignment of the coils for channel separation. The damper in the Cadenza Bronze was fine (upgrade damper assemblies – WRD - are no longer available from Ortofon) and the cartridge does include the Field Stabilising Element – FSE – as standard’.

I have the original boxes + packaging for all of these, so could ship. Otherwise collection from Colchester may be best. The Monarch weighs around 14 kgs, so it’s not the lightest.

I would probably prefer to sell all three as a complete package, unless I get firm commitments from people to buy the individual components (in which case I could split them).

Total price is £4990 (plus courier costs, if applicable). Location = Colchester

IMG-1878-min.jpg IMG-1879-min.jpg
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